Behind the scenes, we’re adding the finishing touches to your Personal Book Lists. We’re excited about this feature that will help you keep track of books you want to get, books you want to remember for later, books you want to borrow from the library, and books you already have.

I (Sonya) was just at the store today looking at the books on sale and wondering, “Do I already have Oliver Twist, or am I thinking of The Prince and the Pauper?” I’m really looking forward to using this feature!

For more details, check out the Books section.


  1. Sonya – now I don’t feel quite so silly about the list I made last year of all the books I own. I found that after just home schooling for a couple years I had so many books I own and ones I want that I couldn’t keep straight just in my head what I had and what I wanted. I also broke it down by subject so I could see (especially in the science and history arenas) what topics I already had covered.

    I also wondered if there is a way to reduce the size of the copy work pages? They are great for my 5 year old but too big for my 7 year old. I was thrilled to find the Doxology and My Shadow. We sing the Doxology almost every day and have been reading My Shadow each week.

    Thanks for all you are putting into this site – it’s a great help!

    • Hi, Allison –

      I just tried reducing the size of the pdf download and it worked! (at least on my computer 🙂 Try this: open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat and select File: Page Setup. In the Page Setup dialog box reduce the Scale to 75%. Hit OK and print as usual. That procedure made my file print at 3/4″ instead of 1″ lines. I assume you could get 1/2″ lines by scaling to 50%. Give it a try.

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