This time of year, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and look toward the unknown future of the coming year, we can find comfort and confidence in the truth that Jesus is called Immanuel, God with us.

Charlotte Mason reminded her readers of that truth of an ever-present Savior, Who is with us in the midst of unexpected hardships and trials as well as in the demand of unending everyday needs.

Then she continued with more timely reminders of what great blessings the believer has received in the Person of Jesus Christ—our King, our Chief, our Savior, our Friend. Such wonderful truths on which to meditate in the coming weeks and months! I encourage you to find the corresponding Scripture verses for the truths Charlotte presented. It makes a rich study!

“. . . the Christian is aware of Jesus as an ever-present Saviour, at hand in all his dangers and necessities; of Christ as the King whose he is and whom he serves, . . . He is our Chief, whom we delight to honour and serve; and He is our Saviour, who delivers us, our Friend who cherishes us, our King who blesses us with His dominion.”

Ourselves, Book 2, pp. 201, 202

May you have a blessed Christmas season as you remember all that Jesus came to be and do for us! Merry Christmas from the SCM Team.


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