CM Seminars in Nashville & Charleston

I love doing the All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminars! It’s so much fun to meet other CMers and spend the day discussing how practical and do-able the Charlotte Mason method really is.

So what is an All-Day CM Seminar like? Glad you asked.

We start off the day learning a little about Charlotte Mason herself, her mottoes for parents and children, and how she fits into world history.

Then we launch into the main focus of the day: how to teach each school subject using Charlotte Mason methods. Lots of moms have told us that one of the highlights of this part of the seminar is learning several of the main methods by actually doing them. It’s great practice, and they learn first-hand what they are asking their children to do.

Sarah H., who attended one of our recent seminars, told us:

“Today’s seminar was both informative and empowering! The ‘how-to’ was invaluable, the materials were excellent, and the practice — letting us narrate — was eye opening! . . . I came in a ‘believer’ in CM methods but left knowing I could be a confident ‘doer’ — THANK YOU!”

At the end of the day, we add in the Laying Down the Rails workshop on habits. This quick, practical overview really helps moms get a jump-start on how to cultivate good habits in their homes.

The day is filled with lots of Q & A, fun, and fellowship. Our SCM books are all available at a discount (with no shipping), plus each mom who attends receives a free 60-page book of notes.

The next two All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminars are scheduled in Nashville, Tennessee (August 23), and near Charleston, South Carolina (September 6). I hope you will join us at the one nearest you. You can find all the details and register on our Web site. Don’t delay. The registration deadlines are approaching quickly!