A New Family Bible Study on Hebrews

Jesus Is Better: Lessons from Hebrews Bible Study

Those of you who have looked over our Free Curriculum Guide know that it suggests that students cover Genesis through Revelation in a six-year cycle. The foundation is laid with an emphasis on Bible history (Genesis through Acts) during the first three years. Then the epistles and Revelation are studied during the final three years of the cycle. Throughout all six years, the older students are completing additional Bible studies.

Our new Bible study fits neatly with the Early Modern & Epistles module and focuses on the book of Hebrews. (Of course, you can use it any time you would like, though.) This 11-week Bible study, Jesus Is Better: Lessons from Hebrews, is designed for your family to do together. Now all your school-age children will be able to glean truths from Hebrews and learn how Jesus is better than anything.

Each lesson contains a short introduction, written for all ages, and a step-by-step guide through the Hebrews passage for that week. Many of the lessons focus on comparing how Jesus is better than angels, than Moses, than animal sacrifices—better than anything!

Short application ideas are presented, and additional studies are provided for the older students and adults to dig deeper into word meanings, cross references, and other in-depth studies.

Plus, suggested Scripture memory verses and an optional hymn are given to enrich your study of Hebrews.

Download a free sample that contains the first three lessons and see how Jesus Is Better: Lessons from Hebrews can help you exalt Jesus Christ in your home.

A Correction in Stories of the Nations, Volume 1

It has come to our attention that chapter 11 in Stories of the Nations, Volume 1, has mistakenly placed Isaac Newton in the United States. Yes, he should definitely be in England!

If you have purchased that book, please go to the links and tips page for Stories of the Nations and download the corrected chapter. (It’s only three pages.) You can print it and insert it in your book so you will have it ready when you get to that chapter.

New Picture Study Series Begins Next Week

Picture study is a powerful yet simple way to introduce great artists to your children and enrich their lives with beautiful ideas in art. Next week we will begin a series on this wonderful Charlotte Mason method.