Next week the children and I will recite together Luke 2:1–20. It’s always a blessing to hear that passage read aloud, but you cannot know the thrill of hearing it recited together as a family until you have experienced it for yourself.

Here’s how it came about. A couple of years ago we printed that passage out on a little card and listened to someone read it once every day until we all knew it and could recite the verses along with the one reading it. Then with a twinkle in my eye, I tucked the card behind the divider marked “25” in our Scripture Memory Box so we would be sure to review and recite it on the 25th of each month, including December. I thought it would be appropriate.

A Gift for You to Share

I consider our Scripture memory time each day to be a gift that I am giving my children. Storing up God’s Word in their minds and hearts is one of the best ways to prepare them for life—both now and in their futures.

So we would like to give you a gift that you, in turn, can give to your children. We have put together verse cards that you can use in your own Scripture memory time. If you follow our Scripture Memory System, that time will require only five or ten minutes each day; yet you will be memorizing new verses and reviewing all the ones you know every month.

The twelve packs of verse cards contain the same verses and passages that are listed on our free Curriculum Guide. They present a wonderful mixture of Old and New Testament, single verses and longer passages, and are available in King James Version or English Standard Version. Simply download the free Scripture Memory Verse Cards file, print the cards that you want to memorize, cut them apart, and you’re ready to go.

Then be sure to share this gift with your children by making it a habit to memorize Scripture together. The cards will do you no good lying on a shelf or sitting in a drawer somewhere. Use them to hide God’s Word in your own heart and your children’s hearts. In the process, you will find your hearts growing closer to each other and closer to our Heavenly Father, the One Who gave us the greatest gift of all: His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Share the Word.


  1. Dear SCM,
    It is with great joy today that I set aside my sharpie and 3×5 cards to print these out. I was in the slow process of writing out these verses to add to our memory verse box. I will heed the wise warning to not put them in a drawer but instead to hide them in our heart’s and our children’s. This is my hearts desire and I am most grateful for your loving gift to make it that much lovelier. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all! Love, Angelia in Texas

  2. This is indeed a wonderful gift!
    We’ve been using the scripture memory system, but with handwritten (by me) cards. It will be so nice to have printables.

    Many blessings on you and yours for all you do! Merry Christmas

  3. Thank you for this wonderful gift. An idea for a future product: a CD (or MP3 files) with the verses for memorization–this would be so nice to have for the car! I hope you’ll consider this idea!

  4. Thank you so much for these cards. I have been wanting to implement the Scripture Memory System and now I have no excuse. Thank you again and Merry Christmas.

  5. Years back I acquired a scripture memory card pack from Navigators called, “Well Versed Kids.” (NIV and NKJV) I could never implement them effectively or consistently until we found your scripture memory system on Simply CM. It is such an simple yet effective way to work through our cards and it is a gift that keeps on giving.

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