Free Subject Cards for Homeschool Scheduling
Homeschool Planning Subject Cards (free download)


Homeschool Planning Subject Cards (free download)

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Use these free Subject Cards to quickly and easily lay out weekly and daily schedules for your Charlotte Mason home school. See full description

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Product Description

A quick and simple technique that makes scheduling easy to do!

These free printable Subject Cards help you with homeschool planning, making it simple to design custom weekly and daily schedules that fit your family best. Watch this video to see how to use them.

The flexible layout allows you to see at a glance how your schooling is spread over the week and to make on-the-spot adjustments to avoid overloading any one particular day. Extra blank cards are included for regular outside commitments, like co-ops or piano lessons. By putting any outside commitments in place first, you can easily design a schedule that works around those events for this season of life.

After you have your week distributed evenly, you can focus on each day in turn, quickly arranging and rearranging the day’s subjects to get them in the order that works best for you and your children.

Use only as many cards as you need. Helpful suggestions are included for grade levels and frequency per week, but they are only suggestions. Make your schedule work for you!

The set includes

  • 7 Days of the Week cards
  • 5 Nature Study cards
  • 5 Picture Study cards
  • 5 Music Study cards
  • 5 Handicrafts cards
  • 5 Art Instruction cards
  • 5 History cards
  • 5 Geography cards
  • 5 Bible cards
  • 5 Scripture Memory cards
  • 5 Literature cards
  • 5 Poetry cards
  • 5 Foreign Language cards
  • 5 Singing/Hymn Study cards
  • 5 Math cards
  • 5 Reading Lesson cards
  • 5 Reading Practice cards
  • 5 Copywork cards
  • 5 Transcription cards
  • 5 Dictation cards
  • 5 English Grammar cards
  • 5 Science cards
  • 5 Typing cards
  • 5 Latin cards
  • 5 Shakespeare cards
  • 5 Habit Reading cards
  • 5 Personal Development cards
  • 5 Current Events cards
  • 5 Composition cards
  • 23 blank cards

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2 reviews for Homeschool Planning Subject Cards (free download)

  1. Marcia

    Makes it clear

  2. Marcia

    Easy to set a daily schedule with two children

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