5 Gifts of Intentional Parents
5 Gifts of Intentional Parents video workshop



5 Gifts of Intentional Parents video workshop


What kind of gifts are you giving your children: survival gifts, default gifts, or intentional gifts? Explore how to be intentional with five gifts that can set your children up for success in adult life. See full description

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We parents give our children gifts every day. Some are survival gifts, given just to make a problem go away. Some are default gifts, carelessly copied from those around us. Our goal should be intentional gifts, purposely given to prepare our children for life.

In this workshop, you will discover the five gifts of intentional parents and lots of practical tips for giving them. The five gifts all center around the word TEACH.

  • The Bible—Learn simple and effective ways to get the Word in your children and your children in the Word.
  • Enjoyable Pastimes—Get practical tips on doing picture study, music study, nature study, and handicrafts. All of those activities contribute to helping your children make wholesome choices in how they spend their time.
  • Academics—Reading great books together offers so many benefits to your children. Be reminded of the value of sharing good literature as a family.
  • Character—Discover how habits shape character and dig deeper into two key habits that will set your children up for success in life: Biblical conflict resolution and respect toward others.
  • Home Skills—Explore some hands-on skills that will pave the way for your children to have a smooth transition into adult life (cooking, cleaning, laundry, money management, home maintenance, car maintenance, and more) and learn a simple five-step process that can be used to teach any of them.

You can give your children intentional gifts that will benefit them for their entire lives. All it takes is small, constant touches. This workshop will be your guide.

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