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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi everyone,</p>
    I have a son in 4th grade. We tried SW and ULW in 3rd grade and he wasn’t ready. We did copywork and now are doing Spelling Power. We are switching back to SW and ULW but I am wondering if I should just start over at lesson 1 in book 1 or skip some lessons? I want to do 2 lessons a week but wonder if I should do 3 lessons a week to catch up?  I don’t want to frustrate him though. Any thoughts?

    Also, how many sentences should I require for written narration in each grade?



    Karen Smith

    For Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well, I would start him at the beginning of Book 1. Do not worry about “catching him up.” There is no “behind,”  just where he is. Teach your child, not the curriculum. 🙂

    When a child starts to write his narrations, there is a transition period. Expect his written narration to be shorter than what he is able to give orally, because now he must not only think about what he wants to tell, but also how to form the letters, how to punctuate, and a host of other writing mechanicals. For written narrations, focus on him getting his thoughts on paper for now. Some narrations will be longer, some shorter. And that is okay! There is no set rule for how long a written narration needs to be other than long enough to tell what was learned.

    This article on the length of narrations from our Narration Q&A series in our Learning Library may be helpful to you.


    Thank you Karen. That is so helpful! I was leaning towards starting at the beginning. I will check out those links you sent.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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