What comes next? (SCM reading program)

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    I’m researching the reading programs for SCM.  I see that you start out with Delightful Reading.  What is the order after that?

    Does Delightful Handwriting come after that or does it go along with Delightful Reading?

    Then following that is A Child’s Copywork Reader, Print to Cursive, then Hymns in Prose?

    Is there a reading program outside of the copywork mentioned above?  Or is it all wrapped into one?  It seems the copywork readers are just for copywork, as well as the Print to Cursive which is a transition for transcription.  Then Hymns in Prose goes back to a reading program along with transcription.  I’m a tad confused, lol… I think I’m missing something!

    Then it seems after all this, you move to Spelling Wisdom and Learning Language Well, right?  Just trying to wrap my head around it, lol… I am curious to see where my DS, entering 2nd grade reading level, fits in to all this.

    Thank you!!!  🙂

    Tamara Bell

    Hi there.

    We start with our Delightful Reading programs 1-3.  When a child begins Delightful Reading, Level 3, we introduce Delightful Handwriting and once he is roughly halfway through Delightful Reading, Level 3 we introduce the Pathway Readers.

    Once completing the Delightful Reading program, children will continue with The Pathway Readers.  Our recommended order for copywork is Delightful Handwriting, A Child’s Copybook Reader, Print to Cursive: Proverbs, and last Hymns in Prose (cursive or print).

    We recommend beginning Spelling Wisdom and Using Langauge Well Books 1 in Grade 3 (provided they are reading at a 3rd grade level).

    I encourage you to take a look at our Individual Studies for Grade 2 even if you do not plan on using the guide.  It can help you figure out where your son places.  :-).  The language arts track A is at approximately 2nd grade level while track B is at a 3rd grade level).


    Ahhhh!  I see!  Thank you!! 🙂

    The Individual Studies puts it all together for you?

    Karen Smith

    The Individual Studies guides for grades 1-6 give you daily lesson plans for language arts, science, and math. The guides recommend resources needed for the lesson plans, then give you a daily schedule for one school year for using those resources. The free sample shows a weekly schedule for math, language arts, and science and shows several daily lessons.


    Okay!  Thank you so much!!

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