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    Is anyone else in planning mode? I’ve been in it for a while now and still haven’t nailed everything down for the fall. Probably because I’ll have 7 students and 2 preschoolers so there is a lot of planning to do…ha! I posted my plans in progress on the blog and decided to share.

    What are your plans so far for fall?


    Well, so far I know my current 7th grader will be continuing with Saxon 87, as she hasn’t finished it yet! That’s all I know! *L*

    But I’m enjoying thinking about planning.  I’ve been jotting down notes, but haven’t hammered anything out yet!


    Yes. I’ll share as I can.

    DS13 – grade 8 – this one needs some more outside accountability and I need to be mom and not mom/teacher for at least a year. The bulk of his classes will be online and directed by others. I’ll simply play a supporting role.

    Literature, World History, High School Writing Prep via ClassesByBethPlus (CM friendly online classes)

    Lial’s Pre-Algebra via with Jann Perkins

    Bible via Armor of God classes with Chris Smith (Life Applications and Apologetics in fall and Leadership and Life Skills Nehemiah in spring)

    Rainbow Science (continuation) with me

    Phonetic Zoo with me

    ongoing book of centuries, current events calendar, commonplace book

    artist, composer, poet, nature study, geography, pe via CM co-op

    Two unknown electives via CM co-op

    expanding his lawn care business to at least 3 families is a goal


    Not to get off topic, but Tristan, have you posted anywhere about your experience with Beautiful Feet?



    DD16 – grade 11

    She has most everything needed to graduate except one math and two English, but we have a full plan anyway.

    English Composition 1101 and 1102  via dual enrollment at local college

    Student Life Skills (1 semester) via dual enrollment at college

    Unknown humanities (1 semester) via dual enrollment at local college

    Algebra 2 with math u see

    christian Psycology online class w/ Dr. Tim Rice (1 semester)

    DIVE Chemistry (a continuation after living books chemistry fell flat and we made a switch in January)

    Beautiful Feet Modern US and World History (done CM style and we may spread out over two years or focus on reading and very simple narrations dependent on overall course load)

    Bible – Apologetics in fall and Revelation in winter with Chris Smith and Armor of God classes online

    French 3 or just conversational French with friend who is a French native speaker. Over skype.

    ongoing book of centuries, current events calendar, commonplace book

    Personal Fitness Trainer – she is exploring options to get certified and will then intern at our gym.  She has taken up Krav Maga, Judo, Kickboxing, Jui Jitso (sp?), and Performance Fitness in recent months and loves it all.  Her future plans are either military/FBI or fitness training.

    Mysteries and More (1 semester) via CM co-op (literature, film, legality etc of the whodunnits)

    Hamilton (1 semester) via CM co-op focusing on the musical and culminating in a trip to see it

    nature study, geography, artist, composer, poet study and pe at our CM co-op


    DD8 – 5th

    Teaching Textbooks 5 and 6 (however far we get)

    God’s Design Science (haven’t chosen yet)

    Writers in Residence by Debra Bell

    Possibly Readers in Residence by Debra Bell

    Beginning Sewing with Big River Academy online

    History, Bible, Lit – undecided. Looking at sonlight’s one focused on cultures, bf history of the horse, trail guide to learning, heart of dakota

    DS8 – grade 2

    Math Mammoth grade 2

    Reading Lessons through Literature book 2 and 3 as far as we go

    the rest is undecided for him

    Both will have pe, nature study, artist/composer/poet study, geography at our CM co-op   They will also have 24 classes split between science, art, 101 things with topics tbd.



    KeriJ – I have not posted about our experience with Beautiful Feet. Overall, we enjoyed it a lot. I found that I really didn’t use the guide as much as we just read the books and the kids notebooked or narrated about the reading. We liked the books a lot!

    Sandra Wade

    I’m considering a living book science for my students.  What about that method didn’t work for the Chemistry?


    BF Books Usage – I’ve used BF books for a while now and we don’t use all of the guide questions either. Some of them are good for discussion. We do like the overviews and book intros. that are in the new color guides and some of the assignments on occasion.

    – I planned out a HS Living Books Chemistry for dd for 10th. It started well, she was enjoying the books, but it felt too disjointed for her to be reading from so many different sources. She also didn’t like doing the experiments every week. This would have been a requirement for her except she had already completed a two day chemistry lab intensive where she did a full year of labs. Per her request, we found something else. She is using DIVE with the online text (links to articles and such), watching the DIVE experiments, and doing the lab book. It is going much more smoothly for her and she likes it a lot more. She did enjoy several of the titles from the living books list we started with and may finish them on her own.


    Ds13 (8th grade)

    Continue Bible reading plan

    Language Arts–Lessons 91-215 from the Daily Grammar website.When we finish that, we will use Schoolhouse Teachers Spelling. Poetry of Sandburg and Robert Browning. Book of Virtues for Young People

    Math–prealgebra concepts, probably using Schoolhouse Teachers prealgebra as a base and supplementing as needed

    Science–earth and space science. Either ABEKA 8 b/c we have it or AiG

    World History using a variety of sources. Hope to get at least through the Renaissance

    Dd10 (5th grade)
    Story Bible for Older Children

    Language Arts: Schoolhouse Spelling; Daily Grammar 3/4 from Schoolhouse Teachers if she’s ready; poetry of Dickinson and Frost

    Math–add and subtract 4- and 5-digit numbers; multiply and divide larger numbers; work on a few miscellaneous concepts

    Science–undecided. If Ds and I use AiG, I may include dd as well.

    History–American Girl series with supplements.

    For Reading/Lit, I plan as we go along.


    It’s always fun to talk about plans for next year!

    We are currently trying out a few weeks of a more CM plan for high school to see how it goes.

    We are sampling the Sabbath Mood science guides and really enjoying them. Next we are going to do a sample week of Wile’s new chemistry course and then I will let my daughter choose although I much prefer the SM guides myself.

    We have begun using James Stobaugh’s history books as our history spines and it is really going well. We are doing 3 streams of history-British, American, and World history. The Stobaugh readings are short and leave plenty of time for my daughter to read from living history books each day. I plan on continuing this for the next two years if it continues to go well for us.

    We will definitely be continuing with Math U See. After recently listening to a Delectable Education podcast on CM high school math, we have decided to try doing 3 streams of math-Algebra, Geometry, and Consumer Math. I think we are going to try starting with Patty Paper Geometry in a couple of weeks and then move into Math U See Geometry next year. For Consumer Math, I have a Dave Ramsey course and some resources from Larry Burkett as well.

    For literature, we will continue reading and discussing classics, as well as covering one Shakespeare play each year and some poetry. We are doing a Movies as Literature course with some friends once a month just for fun. I’m hoping to continue that into next year also. If my daughter continues to like the more CM approach we’ve been taking to composition, we will simply stick with written narrations. Otherwise, we will go back to using The Power In Your Hands for composition.

    For Bible, we will continue reading, studying, and discussing one chapter each day. My daughter will also continue reading through a list of theology books that I have chosen for her at the pace of 15 minutes per day.

    She will continue her Japanese studies using the Irasshai program for foreign language.

    I think that covers everything! Thanks for starting this thread Tristan. It’s always nice to see what everyone is doing. 🙂



    Rough plans –

    – Botany, using Guest Hollow (16 and 12 YO in a co-op, 9 and 8 YO at home)

    -all TT, from TT4 all the way to TT Algebra II

    -Middle Ages, but I haven’t planned it out yet
    -high schooler to do Constitutional Literacy in a co-op

    -high schooler is doing IEW British Literature in a co-op
    -middle schooler is doing IEW Rockets, Radar, & Robotics in a co-op
    -elementary – reading aloud with mom and continuing through English Lessons through Literature Volume 2

    Those are very rough plans, but as far as I have gotten right now

    Sandra Wade

    Missceegee, thank you for the response.


    I planned next year’s curriculum back in December.  We welcomed baby 4 in January so I knew that since I’d soon have 3 under 3 (#2 turned 3 in March and #3 turned 2 on Sunday), that was the only time I’d have to plan!  We’re going to be in SCM Matt-Acts/Ancient Rome for history.  We’re also going to start on Latin with materials from Memoria Press.


    Hey everyone… I’m back!

    Still trying to figure things out… but here is what I’m thinking.

    Delta (ds will be 14) – grade 9 (dyslexia).  

    • Math – Saxon
    • English – Good and Beautiful, All About Spelling
    • History – possibly a home-made course…  World History – Wars pre-modern
    • Science – Apologia Physical Science
    • Phys/Ed Health – various things including First Aid
    • Option 1 – Church Seminary
    • Option 2 – Astronomy – Signs and Seasons
    • Option 3 – Drafting  (from my Province)

    For the girls…

    Echo (dd11) – grade 6/7 (dyslexia).  

    Foxtrot (dd9) – grade 4.  

    Golf (dd 7) – grade 2.

    • Math – Saxon (Golf will be RightStart still)
    • English – Good and Beautiful, AAS, Peterson Handwriting
    • History – Looking at the SCM options…  Will need to figure out time period as they are each at a different point right now…
    • Science – Possibly Dr. Wile’s Science in the Beginning.  Also deciding if Echo is ready for General Science or not.
    • Phys/Ed Health – mostly Swim Lessons
    • Other – trying to get music going…
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