Plans for next Fall?


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    Raines-I love your mother’s educational plan. 🙂


    I love these types of posts simply because I learn about so many things that are out there and I am just fascinated by what others are doing.

    Here is my plan for my 6th grade son & 7th grade daughter

    Religion – Catholic – YouCat (found online classes for free)

    Geography – Catholic Textbook Project – All Ye Lands along with CM mapping of Africa, Asia (mainly middle East), Europe (mainly ancient Greece/Rome)

    History – Augustus Caesar’s World, and numerous books on ancient Egypt, Greek, Rome with me reading most, but they read 2 books per Country and they will do written narrations.

    Economics – 1st two books of Maybury’s (Talks about personal Career & Penny Candy)

    Science – Apologia’s General Science

    Math – TT6& 7  and TT7 & Pre-Algebra  along with Life of Fred Fractions, Percents & Decimals, which we do as a family and love.

    Grammar, Vocab, Poetry, & Writing – Michael Clay Thompson’s Voyage Series (absolutely love this program and its results)

    Spelling – Personal customized program morphed over the years from free online lists at

    Foreign Language – ASL free online classes figure by the time kids graduate, I hope they will be able to complete the college level class for credit. So obviously, we will be doing this throughout high school as well.

    Typing – Typing Instructor Platinum continued…

    Music – Nine Note Recorder Method (a bit excited to start teaching sheet music reading) along with Classical CD’s in the car I have a whole set, so will just enjoy them randomly and discuss. My favorite is Vivaldi.

    Art – Artistic Pursuits Junior high book 1

    Critical Thinking – Bought The Fallacy Detective, but I think I will give them another year for that and will do a book called Mind Benders which just has little stories in which you use deductive reasoning to solve a question.

    Technology – They will do an hour of coding, and hour of Webpages, and an hour of databases  free from Kahn Academy.

    Physical Education – Each will read a book for their age and sex for health and I am planning a yearly PE curriculum so I will stick with it! So, I am compiling lessons free online from different sources. Mainly lots of stretching videos and choreographed dancing videos, some games and some days of Wii fitness and quite a few your choice option with a list of options like bike riding, trampoline jumping, walking/hiking, brush clearing, gardening/weed pulling, dog bathing, water fun, etc.

    LiteratureRead by me – The gift & Christmas Carol by Dickens, Oliver Twist, 1984, Harry Potter’s A Cursed Child

    Read by kids – Tales of Arabian Nights, From Earth to the Moon by Verne, The Time Machine, The Call of the Wild & White Fang by London

    Read by Jim Weise in car – 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

    FOR fun, we will watch a few movies Journey to the Center of the Earth, Mysterious Island, The Time Machine, & Story of Dr. Doolittle and may add several bible related movies as well from

    Should be a fun and full year!





    I think this is what we’re going to do next year. 🙂 I have tweaked my plan so many times already.

    Math: 12yo son, undecided. Maybe continue with MUS, maybe switch to math mammoth. I love how easy to use MUS is, but I’m not loving it for this kid. He likes math and could use a little more depth. 10yo daughter will stick with MUS, finish gamma and start delta. 7yo son will continue with Singapore 1b. 4yo son I have Singapore early bird math and readers that we may play around with a bit if he’s interested, or just play with c rods.

    Language Arts: we tried ELTL this past year, and while there were things I liked, we won’t be using it again. I prefer doing poetry and art as a family. And the grammar seemed needlessly formal. I switched my oldest to Fix It grammar and he’s enjoying that. I’ve been looking more into Brave Writer and I think it will fit us better. Having all those elements I like, but with a more relaxed routine. I think we will be doing this: 12yo Fix It grammar 2, the Arrow, Partnership Writing, Word Roots. 10yo will start All About Spelling (she’s my struggling speller), either the arrow with her older brother or quiver of arrows with her younger brother, Jot It Down projects. 7yo the quiver of arrows, jot it down, and spelling you see level C. 4yo good picture books and mat man. I’m planning to use the quiver and arrow books as our family read alouds.

    science: physics focus. 12yo Real Science 4 Kids middle school physics book, TOPS electricity and magnetism books, plus some physics kits. 10yo RS4K elementary physics book, plus a physics kit and snap circuits. 7yo lets read and find out books, magic school bus science kits.

    history: first semester we are doing an early American history and geography focus. I will be reading BEautiful Feet geography books aloud, plus a couple early American books. The kids will be each reading early American history books that I’ve culled from the BF lists. We also have a couple games to go along with this, trailblazers and scramble the states. Second semester will be Beautiful Feet California history.

    misc: 1-2 days each week the kids will use their fun schooling journals to read about topics that interest them. 12yo piano lessons. 10yo violin lessons. All: drawing and soccer.


    I think I have gotten a plan now;) I have a kindergarten girl and 1st boy.

    Math is Rod and staff via memoria press with some of Rachel technics thrown in and a few oral problems a day from either Strayer Upton or mathematics for young children or rays primary.

    Reading is memoria press k and 1

    Science is wile’s science in the beginning and some MP k enrichment

    History/ geography is SCM genesis-dueteronomy and Ancient Egypt as well as a stream of American history read aloufs from leaf the Lucky through the revolution. I figure we will go through the 1st 3 SCM guides and all American history in 3 years then go into the middle ages and modern times after this.

    They are both also doing nature study weekly that I come up with and MP copy work and picture study. We will also listen to classical music either with the MP schedule or my own.

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