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    please share your routine with picture study. My children will be the following ages next school year: 10, 8, 6, 3.5, 1.5. Tips of doing picture study and music/composer study with that age group are very welcome! 🙂 Thanks!


    We do one artist and one composer per term. For art, we do one painting a week. I know most CM families linger on each picture for longer, but there are too many good paintings, so weekly it is. We do it how Sonya describes in the YouTube video on picture study. For composer study, we are always listening to good music. Sometimes we read from a biography once a week, sometimes not.

    My kids keep binder timelines like these ( http://joyouslessons.blogspot.com/2012/10/first-grade-in-our-home-timelines.html?m=1 ) and add the artists and composers to them.

    P.S. Our kids are close in age. Mineare 11 (12 in September), 7, 6, 4, and almost 18 months). 🙂

    Stephany Vergara

    Thank you! I like the idea of individual timelines. I ordered the timeline figures from homeschool in the woods for a family timeline. I like her idea of individual binders and the kiddos inserting their own people/events on Fridays.

    thank you for sharing how you do art/music study.

    Tamara Bell

    Hi SewFanny!

    It is sooooo easy to worry about doing picture study and composer study “right.”  I remember how daunted I seemed by it because it wasn’t a part of my formal education.  They have been some of our favorite moments in school despite how quick and simple they can be.

    I hope our posts help you!

    How to Do Music Study

    How to Do Picture Study


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