Nursing school after a CM education

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    Has anybody ever used the CM method for high school with a child who wants to go to college for nursing?

    The college is requiring grade point averages and letter grades. ex. B’s or C’s

    I’m getting very unsure of using the CM approach now for any subject. I’ve never needed to grade or figure out the children’s grade point avergage upon graduation with our previous three who have graduated.

    We haven’t been a pure CM anyways, having always been more eclectic in our approach although I didn’t know that’s what it was called.  I just got what we thought would work for that particular child.  I’m starting to lose all nerve to do any CM and instead go with the typical textbook curriculum. : (


    Karen Smith

    You can homeschool using CM through high school and prepare a child for college, even nursing school. We have several articles on high school and Charlotte Mason, including making transcripts and giving grades, in our Learning Library.

    We also have a book, Your Questions Answered: High School, that walks you through homeschooling through high school using Charlotte Mason’s methods, including assigning grades and creating transcripts.


    I have a friend whose daughter is now an ER nurse and working on pre requisite courses necessary for medical school admittance. This friend used Apologia Science textbooks with this daughter and the girl has and is doing quite well with that science background. So you can certainly do CM as a whole with Apologia Textbooks for science for a prospective nursing student. Just make sure she does all labs and keeps a lab journal. She should also do at least 1 formal lab report each year is she wants her focus in college to be science oriented.

    Moreover, you can grade narrations and essays in each subject area and use those grades as a bench mark for a GPA. I had a child in a hybrid school one year and history papers got two grades. One for history and one for composition. This was an accredited program. If they can do this, so can you! Don’t give up if this is how you and your daughter thrive. She will be okay! If she loves to learn, she will be ready to thrive no matter what she majors in. Her SAT and ACT scores will likely help her too. Have her use Khan Academy for that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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