Homeschooling a Senior

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    I will be homeschooling my 18 year old for his final year of high school. He has been public schooled up until now. Long story as to this story.  But suffice it to say that he has high functioning autism and I was young and immature when I had him and as a result my parents have raised him. But now they no longer can care for him. I have a few questions though. Here is what I’m doing with the rest of the kids and I will be incorportating him in several of the areas:

    Family time:

    Genesis Through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt program, Scripture Memory, Picture study, Hymn Study, Music Study (all module 1), plus incorporating poetry time and nature study (is this appropriate for him?),  Book of Mottos, Discovering Doctrine,

    Individual Time:

    Math-planning to use Math-U-See Algebra II. Plus have him go through Financial Peace: Next Generation (already have this and he will not have access to any money he earns until he completes this (incintive to complete program).

    Language Arts: Spelling Wisdom (going to be using book 5 I think-he is an excellent reader). Not sure if I need to incoporate anything else???

    Science: He wants a program that will allow him to learn how to effectively argue against evolution. Need help on this one, any  ideas anyone?

    Personal Development: Need suggestions: developmentally he is only about 12 years old, even though physically he is 18 (19 on Sept. 26th).

    If any of you can help, I would really appreciate it. By the way, we are planning on him going to college because he wants to become a meteorologist. Thank you everyone! God Bless. 🙂

    Malissa 🙂 

    Richele Baburina

    Hi Malissa,

    Per science:  Creation Science Evangelism at  has wonderful resources for effectively arguing against evolution.  Do give them a call as their staff is so friendly and knowledgeable – most were either home schooled or home schoolers!

    Peace and joy multiplied on this new journey for you and your family!


    Sonya Shafer

    Nature study would seem like a natural thing to do since he’s so interested in science. So I’d say “give it a go.”

    Language Arts: You would probably want to include oral and written narrations, dictation (Spelling Wisdom you already listed), and English grammar if he hasn’t already covered that. The rest of LA you already have included in your other listings, like poetry, reading for instruction, and book of mottos.

    Personal Dev: Have you looked at Boyhood and Beyond or Created for Work? Those have been recommended several times for 8-12 yo boys, I believe. So they might be appropriate for his developmental age.


    Thank you for your suggestions. I will definately follow them. 🙂 God Bless!

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