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    We recently moved across the country to NM. We had used Classical Conversations last year, & my oldest was in the Challenge A program, which provided the “lesson plans” & guidance from the director/tutor. While there are many aspects I loved about it, the pacing and cost led to me deciding not to continue upon our move to NM. I have always been drawn to CM and have tried to better understand the methods and implement some aspects; however, I’ve not had much success. Luckily, there is a CM co-op here, & we’ve joined. I think it’ll help me incorporate CM methods, but I’m currently lost as to how to pull what I have together. Unfortunately, I don’t have much budget for buying resources and have never found using the library to be too workable (I don’t plan well enough or books aren’t available or…late fees) but am open to trying again. Anyway, my point in sharing all this is:

    – I have quite a few books and resources I already own and am trying to figure out how to use these rather than investing in others.

    – I’m lost on how to get started with my daughters bc they’re 10yo and 13yo and have had very little practice with narration plus have terrible habits surrounding…well, was going to say school but really everything it feels like.

    I’m feeling really overwhelmed and discouraged. I keep trying to come up with a plan but can’t seem to figure out what will work for our family, how to get the girls engaged, & how to utilize what I have vs what I wish I had/coyote afford. Can anyone help? 😔

    Tamara Bell


    Have you seen the Subject by Subject E-Book (free digital download)?  This will walk you through how Charlotte taught each subject.

    We also have an 18-part blog series about narration.  It’s a great way to learn more about narration, raising the bar, turning oral narrations into written narrations, and more.

    Developing habits can be frustrating can’t they?  I encourage you to focus on 1 habit as a family and once that habit is well established, start a new habit.

    If you haven’t visited our Build Your Own Curriculum page, please do.  There are links to planning page downloads that you may find helpful.



    Thank you! Those links are helpful!

    Participant Here’s a video Sonya did on switching from Classical to CM.


    One of my favorite posts here on the SCM blog is a planning post that helps you plan your homeschool year. It helps you take the materials you already own and figure out how much to do each week for the entire year. If it isn’t detailed enough for you, they also have an ebook you can purchase that goes over the process in more detail, linked at the end of the article.  Here is the planning post:

    Also, remember that you can multitask one activity for several subject areas. I’ll give you a simple example: If you are studying the space race and decide to read Hidden Figures then pull some favorite quotes from the book for your copywork/dictation. Let the kids narrate the book as you go along. Geography can be pulled as you map places in NASA history. There is a lot of science and math in this particular topic/book as well.

    A Note on Narration: It isn’t just telling back or writing about what was read. Here is a fantastic page on SCM listing a host of possibilities:




    This is all so helpful! I think I freaked for a moment and forgot to look through all the SCM resources, so thank you for directing me and helping to stop my freak out 😁

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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