Greek and Latin Roots Curriculum

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    OK, here goes

    Vocabulary from Classical Roots – Book A (good samples at, but I bought from Rainbow Resource)

    I do not have nor see the need for the Teacher’s Book. Books A+ are with the Latin/Greek roots. Numbered Books, at least Book 4 have roots without specification. Book 4 is definitely simpler than Book A. 

    • Student Book

      • 16 Lessons, each with a list of roots, derivative words, and 3 exercises (ABC) – I can easily correct these, but dd will need answer key. 
      • Review Every 2 Lessons

    • Pink Test Booklet

      • 8 tests (1 every 2 lessons) – in the pink test booklet that includes answers

    • White Answer Key Only from Rainbow Resource

      • Answers to Student Book Exercises – helpful for self checking

    English from the Roots Up, vol. 1

    I already own both volumes of flash cards. So I checked out the linked schedules, notebooking sheets above.

    The premise is 1 root per day. Copy the root, the meaning, derivative words and their meanings. Every 5 weeks, there is a test. Every so often the test is cumulative. 


    I can see benefit in both programs. Overall EftRU may be better because of the copywork aspect. However, we will be starting our year with VCR and perhaps adding EftRU Term 2 or 3 after VCR. At this point, the writing in EftRU would be more than I wish to add to our other studies for Term 1. 

    Hope that helps someone. 


Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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