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    For those of you that came to SCM from planning your own CM studies, how did it go? I try to plan our own stuff each year, but it can become a daunting task. We really love picking our own books for history and science, artists, etc but I am not the best at staying organized and on task. If possible, I would like to continue planning out our own studies, but maybe utilize the planning tools on the SCM website. What have you all used that has been the most helpful?  At the same time, using something already planned out seems so appealing. I am just afraid that I would tweak it anyway. Thanks!

    Tamara Bell

    In full disclosure I work for SCM however I’ve always enjoyed planning our school years.  Before becoming an SCM team member and even now, my favorite resource for planning our year is Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education.    This tool allows me to take what I plan to use and schedule our year, starting with the year overview and slowly breaking it down by term, week, and day.


    I love planning our school….but one year I did SCM and LOVED it.  Sonya taught me how to be Simple and I needed that!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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