Any good ways to encourage a high school non artist to do a nature journal?

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    We never did nature journals before, because none of us can draw things even marginally recognizable.   (I also don’t actually like being outdoors, but that’s a separate problem.  🙂 )  I think my youngest would do it with some encouragement,   and I think it be a good thing for the two of us to do, but I think she will need some encouragement in the beginning.  The typical,  “look how great this will look” books won’t be great because hers won’t look like that.  So what could we use to encourage and get us started?


    What about tracing?


    Just grab some sketch books and pencils and draw or write about what inspires you.  Date it.  Study more on the subject matter if it interests you.  You don’t have to draw in your nature journal.  You can just journal notes on changes you see.  You can write or copy a poem, song, Scripture, or short story.  If you are excited about it, usually your student will catch the enthusiasm from you.  You can schedule it weekly or grab your books whenever the inspiration hits you.

    Sorry I cannot offer a personal review, but we plan to use an art dvd set in the future that I bought used.  It is Nature Drawing & Journaling with Barry Stebbing.  It is step-by-step beginning drawing lessons of God’s creation outdoors with six lessons on 3 dvds.  If you want drawing instruction, this might work for you.

    This website is inspiring and offers printables and outdoor challenges.

    The SCM bookstore here offers:


    A Delectable Education just had a 2 episode podcast on notebooks and they commented that the drawings were not as big a part of the nature notebook as we all thought they were.  They were meant to illustrate the notes that had been taken!  So, mostly notes with an occasional picture is okay. They can record things like weather and keep lists of birds, flowers, etc that they come across.

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