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    I have been planning in little bits. I will probably have to order new materials that way too.  I have 9th, 6th, 4th, 1st, and 2yo. My sister’s kids – 12th, 10th, and 7th – will join us for Spanish and season 3 of Analytical Grammar/JAG Mechanics. We used Breaking the Spanish Barrier with the oldest three and Cherrydale Press with the whole group, but I must confess that we stalled out on CP. I plan to pick it back up with the whole group. (The curriculum was not the problem; it was me and time limits.)


    Math U See for all of my kids, and I am so glad about that.



    Notgrass History – Exploring America. We don’t use this exactly as written.  She reads, narrates orally or written, and will do some of the projects. We also plan to stretch it across two years.

    A long list of literature. Some will roll over to 10th grade year or get put in summer reading stack.  She will use Brave Writer Boomerang guides for 4-5 of those. Oral and written narration.

    Apologia Physical Science

    MUS Algebra 1

    Piano. We have been using Hoffman Academy’s online videos.

    A nutrition and cooking portion of a home ec credit that I have pulled together with books we already have.

    Typing using an Abeka text that my sister has.

    Seems like something else but I can’t remember…. and too lazy to go get my planner😁



    Notgrass History – Uncle Sam & You. Read & narrate orally/written, or notebook page.

    Apologia Exploring Creation…Anatomy with his 4th grade brother. I might read this aloud to both and they will complete notebook pages and activities in the book.

    MUS Zeta after he finishes last of Epsilon. (I might not have those titles right…)

    Spelling Wisdom 2 and Using Lang. Well 2.

    Piano- Hoffman Academy, but he would rather learn to play the guitar. So not  sure what to do there.

    A long list of books also with Brave Writer Arrow guides for some.  His brother might join in with some of those as well.



    Continue reading aloud to me and starting to read school books on his own. Some are Christian Liberty Nature Reader, Thornton Burgess books, and some history books/ readers.

    I will read history titles recommended by SCM and BFB to him and his 1st grade sister. He really wants me to order some of the Time Traveler printables from Homeschool in the Woods.

    Science with older brother

    MUS Delta

    Spelling Wisdom 1 -lessons 1-70 for copywork and with ULW 1. No dictation for him yet. Unless we do it French dictation style like in BW. He does well with that.

    Maybe piano.

    The boys might do the BFB geography with the Hollings books. We have it but I’m not sure if it would overload them.


    1st grade girl – wow time flies!

    CM style reading lessons but we use some readers with the word-building days. She loves the Bob book readers. I will let her color in them as they are getting rather worn. Writing practice/beginning copywork?

    MUS Alpha

    Listen to lots of books. Oral narration. Notebook pages from time to time.

    I need to find some simple handicrafts for this child. Or maybe just lots of art materials that she has more access to than in the past.  And train/expect to clean up her mess!

    Whew! All that makes me tired thinking about it and I didn’t even write all the Morning Basket type stuff 😊.  I hope to get nature study in more faithfully this year. We had a nice geography focus last year so I hope to keep that plate spinning as well.


    Small updates to my plans:

    12th grade son will be doing Modern Residential Wiring as an elective. I’m unsure as to whether I should buy the student materials from CLE to go with it, or just use the text on its own.

    10th grade son decided on Master Books’ Survey of Archaeology and Geology for science, but hasn’t picked a second elective yet. I guess he doesn’t really need to until December.

    6th grade son is going to try MUS Epsilon instead of TT to see if that works better for him, and he wants to start the year in science with The Ocean Book.

    1st grade daughter definitely wants to do nature walks as part of science, so we will just do the nature-related Let’s Read and Find Out books paired with walks.

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