Sample Schedules

It seems like scheduling is one of those areas in which we can all use as much help as we can get. So here are some sample weekly schedules, posted in order to

  • Save you time.
  • Give you a starting point and examples that you can adapt or tweak as desired.
  • Demonstrate how to combine all your students into one family group for many subjects.
  • Ignite some new ideas to keep your schedules fresh, such as a weekly Shakespeare day or game day.
  • Show how children can do more independent work as they grow older, leaving Mom free to do more guided work with younger children. You can still check independent work by having the child give an oral or written narration.

Sample Weekly Schedules

Helpful Hints

  • See the Simply Charlotte Mason Curriculum Guide for specific resource suggestions and book lists within each subject.
  • Ignore references to grades in which you have no students.
  • Use one schedule for a term (about three months) then switch to a different schedule.
  • Feel free to shuffle subjects between days as best fits your family or even reassign days, such as changing Day One to Friday.
  • Feel free to add or delete subjects as desired, such as reading Poetry every day instead of once or twice a week or decreasing Grammar to once a week for a term.
  • Insert these additional subjects as desired, either as Independent or Family work: Foreign Language, Handicrafts/Life Skills, Music Lessons/practice.
  • “Assigned Reading” includes Personal Development books and other additional books for any subject, such as History.

Want more? Check out our sample daily schedules.

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