Charlotte Mason’s Own Narration of Christmas

Charlotte Mason Christmas poem

We’ve talked a lot about narration this past year. So we thought you might enjoy reading a portion of Charlotte Mason’s own written narration of the birth of Jesus Christ, composed in poetry form.

Have a blessed Christmas!

It came to pass, there went out a decree
From Caesar Augustus to enrol the world:
Each one to his own place, the people went.

And Joseph, too, went out of Nazareth,
City of Galilee, to Bethlehem,
King David’s city in Judaea, for he

Of David’s lineage was; and took with him
Mary, his espoused wife, being great with child
For her, they journeyed slow; and when they reached

Bethlehem, behold, the Khan was full of folk
Who all had come to register their names;
And groups sate here and there, and talked and ate.

Now, Mary’s hour was come, and she was full
Of anguish, with no place to house her in;
So Joseph, anxious, brought her to the byre

Wherein the travellers’ beasts were housed, and there
Found room for her: and, lo, the beasts were still
Nor gave annoy, what time he, careful, made

What poor provision for his wife he might:
Cold was the night and still, when, thus alone,
The mother bare the Son; and none did see
The brightness of His Rising, save the two.

In swathing bands, she in a manger laid,
For shelter from the cold, the princely Child:
Nor knew that there she laid the BREAD OF LIFE
Where ass and oxen for their fodder came.

Not, from His infant birth, the Son of Man
Had where to lay His head in this His world,
But shared the common place the cattle used.

Bless’d Virgin, who didst bear the WORLD’S DELIGHT!
Bless’d Joseph, who first saw the wondrous sight!
Good byre, which sheltered Him from rude affright!
Kind cattle, graced above all beasts that night!

Enjoy the rest of Charlotte Mason’s poetic narration of the life of Christ in The Saviour of the World. This portion was taken from Volume 1, the section covering “The Nativity.”


  1. What page, we couldn’t find it in our volumes. We have the 6 volume set by Charlotte Mason Research & Supply.

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