Celebrating Freedom to Homeschool

fireworksThis past week I had the privilege of talking with a mom in Germany. She has several children and a new baby due very soon, and she and her husband are hoping to move to Canada. You see, homeschooling is illegal in Germany, and those dear parents so value the opportunity to teach their children at home that they would move to a different country to do it. Just think, they would uproot, leave all they know, and bring all their children more than 4,000 miles across an ocean to face no job, no house, a new language, and a different culture just to gain the privilege to homeschool.

It’s a sobering thought.

As we in the United States celebrate our freedoms this week, let us be sure to cherish the freedom we have to homeschool the children God has given us! Homeschooling has not always been in favor in this country. It may not always be in favor. But we have been given that privilege today. Let us embrace it.

And let us send a hearty thanks to those state homeschool associations who vigilantly monitor the legislation twists and turns, ever watchful to protect that freedom. It’s not easy to be the watchman, and we who have benefited owe those faithful volunteers a debt of gratitude.

Freedom to homeschool. Protect it, embrace it, celebrate it!

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Conference in Jacksonville, Florida

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