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Practical help and tips for planning and scheduling your Charlotte Mason homeschool.

Charlotte Mason Lessons Done by Lunch

How to Finish Lessons by Lunch

I recently did an article called Productive Afternoons, and in it I mentioned that in Charlotte Mason’s schools formal lessons were done by lunch. Well, we received many questions about how lessons could be done by lunch, so I want…

Tips for a Smooth Homeschool Morning

5 Tips for a Smooth Morning

We talk a lot about your school schedule and how to make it work for you and your students. But what about that block of time before school starts? That part of your morning can have a big impact on…

Charlotte Mason Scheduling Ideas

5 Questions to Ask about Your Schedule

A slip of paper. That’s all. A slip of paper. I find it very interesting that the word schedule comes from the Latin for “a slip of paper.” Can you imagine? When Charlotte Mason homeschoolers talk about schedules, somehow it…

Homeschool Schedule Project Week

A Project Week Idea

When my children were younger, we would always run out of time to do hands-on projects. By the time we got out all the materials and cleared a space for the activity, we had about ten minutes to work on…

Charlotte Mason Method Student Skills

Working with Your Student’s Skills

I enjoy watching The Great British Baking Show. The challenges, the creativity, and the camaraderie all combine to make it a pleasant diversion. But I have to be careful, because sometimes I get carried away with the success of some…

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Helping Student Focus Pay Attention

When Your Student Mentally Checks Out

We’ve all seen those looks: the glazed-over eyes, the dulled expressions, the partly-concealed yawns. Let’s face it, sometimes our children just “check out” during the school day. What is a homeschool parent to do? Charlotte Mason gave great advice for…