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A simple 5-step process to help you design a plan that works for your family, plus lots of practical tips and ideas to help your homeschool run smoothly.

Ferris Wheel

Think of a Trip to a Theme Park, Part 2

Last time we started a light-hearted little comparison that describes similarities between Simply Charlotte Mason and a trip to a theme park (complete with a hopefully unnecessary disclaimer). We talked about how our SCM Curriculum Guide is like a map…

When More is Less

When More Is Less

There was once a man named Bill, who decided to go for a hike from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail. A distance of about 2,000 miles. Six months of hiking, sleeping on the ground, and cooking meals outside.…

Keeping Your Balance

Keeping Your Balance: Switch Things Around

It’s so much fun to see Charlotte Mason’s principles play out right in front of your eyes! Recently I was presenting the workshop “Charlotte Mason & Her Methods” at a homeschool convention. It was late at night after a full…

Homeschool mom and daughter

The Wonderful Ease of Having a Plan

I am at peace. My mind can focus happily as I write this note. It is not wrestling with little nagging thoughts that flit in uninvited and interrupt the flow. How did I achieve this happy state?, you ask. Yesterday…

Getting Started in Homeschooling free e-book

Free Homeschool Book: Getting Started, part 6

We promised a little surprise this week and here it is: We are pleased to offer you this free book, Getting Started in Homeschooling. All the information from this Getting Started article series, plus more helpful material, is collected into…