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The beautiful picture that unfolded as we studied Charlotte Mason’s writings about Nature Study.

Binoculars for Charlotte Mason Nature Study

Binoculars in Nature Study

One of the great things about doing Charlotte Mason nature study is that you don’t have to have a bunch of expensive equipment. Just grab your journal and go outside. But sometimes it can be helpful to expand our nature…

Charlotte Mason Nature Object Lessons

Help Your Child Learn to Observe More Closely

Has it ever happened to you that you ask your child, “What did you see outside today?” and that child says, “A bird,” and you try to get more information, but the child just says, “Well, I think it was…

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Nature Study Not a Checklist

Nature Study: Not Just a Checklist

Today we want to discuss a mind-set that could be robbing you of some of the richness involved in nature study the Charlotte Mason way. We want to talk about whether your mind-set is a checklist (“Yep, just do that.”)…

Charlotte Mason Nature Study in the City

Nature Study in the City

Many of you know that Charlotte Mason was a big advocate of taking nature walks and doing nature study. She scheduled her students to get out into the fields one half-day every week, and Charlotte herself did a nature walk…

Charlotte Mason Method Nature Study

How to Do Nature Study

Usually when people describe the Charlotte Mason approach, the one thing they almost always mention is nature study. Time in nature is an integral part of the Charlotte Mason Method. So let’s walk through how to do a nature study.…

Charlotte Mason Nature Study Field Guides

How to Choose and Use Field Guides

A good field guide can be a very helpful tool when you’re doing nature walks or nature study. Let’s talk about what to look for when you’re choosing them and how to use them. Joining me today is my longtime…