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Narration Q&A, Part 4

The Simplest Way (Narration Q & A, part 4)

I like simple. Well, let me amend that statement. I like simple as long as it’s effective. As we continue our series on narration questions and answers, let’s look at a simple description Charlotte gave for using narration effectively. This one statement can answer several of your questions. Here’s her statement: “The simplest way of […]

Homeschool language arts

Charlotte Mason Answers Your Questions about Narration: Language Arts, part 4

Narration is a cornerstone of Charlotte Mason’s language arts program. She wrote extensively on the subject, giving lots of helpful and practical tips. In one sense, narration is simple; in another sense, it is an art form. So it’s no surprise that many moms have questions about doing narration. What better place to get answers […]

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Ideas, Encouragement, and Help

We have enjoyed some wonderful discussions on the SCM Forum lately. Here are some highlights that are sure to furnish you with ideas, encourage you along your homeschooling path, or give you some helpful tips. They Are Asking for Grades—What if your children ask for grades? A great discussion on how Charlotte Mason thought we […]

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