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Literature, Vocabulary, and Comprehension: Language Arts, part 3

If your school experience was anything like mine, you most likely sat through a multitude of vocabulary worksheets and reading comprehension worksheets in every grade. Plus, you probably had a separate class for Literature in junior high or high school. Charlotte Mason’s approach to those subjects was much simpler and more effective. The three skills […]

Homeschool language arts

Charlotte Mason’s Language Arts Program: Language Arts, part 2

As we mentioned last week, Charlotte taught all the language arts skills in just a few power-packed subjects. One of Charlotte’s main strategies was to integrate language arts studies into other subjects, rather than pulling them out as separate skills. So as the students were doing History, for example, they were also practicing listening, reading, […]

Homeschool language arts

What Exactly Is Language Arts?: Language Arts, part 1

In my years of helping other Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, probably the one topic that comes up most often is language arts. I receive questions from “How do you do language arts the Charlotte Mason way?” to “What about composition?” to “How do you teach spelling and vocabulary?” to “Can you recommend a living English grammar […]

Homeschool spelling with prepared dictation

Homeschool Spelling the Charlotte Mason Way

Charlotte Mason had a knack for keeping school interesting. Not only did she include a variety of subjects, but she taught those subjects with enjoyable (and effective) methods. Take the subject of spelling, for example. Most of us were taught spelling with lists of words. Charlotte realized that lists have drawbacks: they aren’t interesting and […]

Spelling Wisdom Now Available

Well, we’ve been holed up in the office for several weeks, but we’re pleased to announce that the dictation books we’ve been talking about and working on are complete! They’re called “Spelling Wisdom.” We thought that was a fitting title since the books teach spelling words using the wisdom of Charlotte Mason’s prepared dictation method […]

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