Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and François Volume 2
Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and François, Volume 2


Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and François, Volume 2


More simple yet effective lessons for learning conversational Spanish the Charlotte Mason way.

Includes the printed book and audio recordings.

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More advanced Charlotte Mason lessons for learning French

Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and François, Volume 2 continues Spanish lessons with the natural and effective Gouin Series approach. In Volume 2, students build on the foundation of Volume 1 as they learn more than 220 verbs, as well as practice with multiple tenses and persons. Volume 2 provides 2–3 years of lessons, depending on your pace.

Audio recordings of each series by a native speaker are included with the book as a digital download, so you can hear the correct pronunciations from the beginning.

The Approach

A Gouin Series is a set of phrases emphasizing verbs, which allows students to engage their whole bodies in the language lesson. A simple series is I take the book. I open the book. I close the book. Students first practice the series in English, then learn the key verbs in Spanish. This unlocks the ability for the student to create his own sentences with other nouns. For example, what else can be opened and closed?

Make learning a foreign language simple and engaging with Cherrydale Press foreign language courses!

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