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Charlotte Mason Together Twelfth Night Shakespeare Course



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Charlotte Mason Together Twelfth Night Shakespeare Course


With these twelve 30-minute group lessons designed for grades 4–12, your students will hear, discuss, and watch the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night.

This course is included in the Charlotte Mason Together Season 2 Bundle.
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Explore a Shakespeare play together in a co-op setting!


Students will learn about Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare in three steps. First, they will listen to a retelling of the play. Second, they will either listen to a professional audio dramatization of the play or read aloud the lines from each scene together. Third, they will watch a film version or live performance of the play together. Activities are included to encourage group discussion of the play throughout class times.

Home Extension ideas are included to help parents grow comfortable and confident with Charlotte Mason methods in their homes, as well as to encourage the children to continue learning and growing outside of class time. The Home Extensions for this course offer additional opportunities to learn about the play and about acting in Shakespeare’s time.

Corresponding Resources

The teacher will need one Shakespeare in Three Steps: Twelfth Night to use in class along with these plans.

Each family will need either their own copy of Shakespeare in Three Steps: Twelfth Night or a copy of the script from it.

Lessons Overview

Lesson 1: Read the Story
Lesson 2: Act I, Scenes 1–2
Lesson 3: Act I, Scenes 3–4
Lesson 4: Act I, Scene 5
Lesson 5: Act II, Scenes 1–2
Lesson 6: Act II, Scene 3
Lesson 7: Act II, Scene 4
Lesson 8: Act II, Scene 5
Lesson 9: Act III, Scenes 1–3
Lesson 10: Act III, Scene 4
Lesson 11: Act IV, Scenes 1–3
Lesson 12: Act V, Scene 1



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Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9


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