Zoology for High School

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    Ds15 has expressed an interest in studying zoology next year (10th grade). He has already had General Biology. I’m having trouble finding resources that aren’t too simple for him. He doesn’t read on grade level, but he doesn’t need elementary level either. All I can find in the bookfinder is Apologia/Fulbright, but I’m not sure that’s what I want. And Sassafras won’t last a full semester. Any ideas?


    Apologia Anatomy?  I’m not sure how much they cover animals though.

    Friendly Anatomy is another option.



    I replied with this link last evening, but I’m not seeing it here. I didn’t check it out, but maybe it would help, although it is a secular source. Other than J Fulbright’s zoology, I’m not sure how much zoology is out there from a Creation perspective.





    There are probably open courseware/MOOCs online from various colleges for zoology.

    Also, you can search ‘zoology’ on Amazon and they have college textbooks to rent or buy.


    Thanks for the ideas. I’ll probably go either with the Animal Science course from Schoolhouse Teachers or Friendly Anatomy. College textbooks/courses would be over his head and mine too!

    Little Women

    Apologia has a Marine Biology for older high schoolers.  It says they need chemistry first, but my dd did it before chemistry and had no trouble.  It’s not all of zoology, but it definitely goes in that direction.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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