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    I’m trying to decide what all to buy here again.  Help!!  Can someone compare and contrast these two books for me?  I have Hearing and Telling…, and I also plan to buy Using Language Well.  So, would it be redundant to get Your Questions Answered?  We still struggle with narration.  I guess one thing I would really like, is something that I could have my 15 yo read part of, or a step-by-step guide for me to instruct her, so she can get a better idea for herself what she should be striving toward and why. I had her read the sample narrations for her age group in Hearing and Telling today, and I hope that will help, but a little more “instruction” might be good.  I suppose what I’m really wanting is Using Language Well Level 5!  But since that isn’t here yet, I’m wondering if Your Questions Answered would help me up the ante for her more so than Hearing and Telling.  Incidentally, I have younger kids too, but I find it easier with them because they are starting out right…CM from the beginning!!  Yayy!  I’m doing something right now 😉

    Sonya Shafer

    There are chapters in Your Questions Answered: Narration that specifically address how to up the ante as your student gets older. It also contains some sample rubrics that might give you and your older daughter some ideas of what kinds of things she should be striving for.

    I think of Hearing and Reading as the comprehensive overview of language arts in Charlotte’s own words. Your Questions Answered: Narration is more nitty gritty practical application of that one component of language arts.

    Does that help any?


    That is exactly what I needed. Thank you!  Looks like I’m just going to have to buy one more book this weekend…:-)




    I love the Your Questions Answered book.  Exactly what Sonja said…answers the nitty gritty questions.

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