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    For background/reference, my daughter is 12 and has ADHD and Dyslexia.

    So we have the Pet Store. I thought it would be a good consumer math, but we’re running into some problems. The problems aren’t so much with the curriculum itself but with my daughter’s unwillingness to take my advice… *sigh* But now I’m trying to figure out how to work the curriculum to reflect both her decisions and be able to move forward with the expected steps and formulas to work through. I’m not sure how to make it work without starting all over, and starting it was drama on its own (because of her learning challenges, not because of the curriculum).

    The problem is that at the very beginning, she didn’t order enough inventory. I asked her multiple times if she wanted to order more, but she insisted she had enough. End of the month came around and it was time to order more inventory, but she once again insisted on only replacing what had been sold and would not order more. The first month’s orders were fine and we were able to cover them, but now we’re in the second month of business and she’s not able to meet the order of one of her customers. I don’t see anything in the curriculum that addresses this or provides a way to “fix” it. Is there a way to keep moving forward with this issue? Or will we have to go back?

    I think we could just go back to the end of last month and redo the inventory ordering, but I’m also wondering how to handle this as a “life lesson” or “natural consequence” situation. Like how to address it with her and explain how her refusing my advice multiple times has resulted in her not able to do business or move forward in the curriculum. Like on a teaching level, how do I make it clear how her prior actions resulted in this problem without making her feel too bad about it? She’s super sensitive and I don’t want to discourage her; I just want her to understand how the decisions she made before are making it more difficult for her now.

    Tamara Bell

    Hi Grace,

    Hugs Momma!  Running out of inventory happens even in real life with businesses even after you’ve accessed normal sales and calculated increased sales.  Curriculum providers saw this scenario this year as families turned to home education amid the pandemic.

    We have a note on page 8 of the teacher’s guide that states, ” You and your student should also determine now what the store policy will be when an order is placed and the store doesn’t have enough items in stock to fill that order….”  There are a couple suggestions that follow.  I’d encourage you to discuss options with your daughter, allow her to choose 1, and then require her to follow through with the option she chose through completion of the book.



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