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    For those of you with a dyslexic child  I am curious as to what writing program you have had success with? It would be for my 13 yr. old daughter that really struggles with academics in general, but especially the process of  writing . A tutor recommended IEW for writing and we tried it. Both of us couldn’t stand it and  she learned nothing from it.

    Thanks for your suggestions!


    Some of my children like Wordsmith.  For my next one, who has mild dyslexia symptoms, we are working on narrations for as long as possible, then will try Writing Strands. Each one is so different.

    My older son used parts of Jump In.


    It really depends on what part of the process you are working on.

    My son needs more fluency so we are going back to daily written narrations and will work on grammar and spelling within that activity. That seems to help the most as far as basic writing fluency of all the things we have tried. I just purchased Know and Tell: The Art of Narration and the “Your Questions Answered: Narration” book.  Hoping it can help us move to the essay step without too much of the fluff which just muddles his sentences.

    Last year he was semi successful with Lost Tools of Writing with another teacher. It was good for brainstorming etc but really a bit too much on the formatting and ideas so he spent less time constructing sentences and often his sentences turned to muddle trying to work through all the other stuff.

    We hated IEW. He needs to make good sentences that aren’t confusing and adding all the extra decorations just made things worse.


    My son started writing much better after we used Sequential Spelling. We started writing with Stories Starters and, this year, he did IEW. I wasn’t the teacher (or we wouldn’t have done it), and he hated it, but his writing definitely improved. (But my son is a programmer– he’s 13 — and he enjoyed things like making a program to make sure none of his papers used banned words!)


    Mine is younger, but we are going to continue to do written narrations making them more elaborate. I will help him to outline some 1st. Gradually these will become longer. We will work on paragraph structure with this. This will be for history and science about 1x a week in 5th. This solves the what do i write about problem.

    I have thought about using this ladies book (Teaching Writing Through Guided Analysis).  I have it, but am not currrently planning on using it in full next year as to not overwealm my son. She had several dyslexic children, and this looks very good and applicable beyond the program. Like it teaches you to teach. https://treasuredconversations.wpcomstaging.com/store/

    I am planning to do beyond the book report with him in high school for more formal structure. https://www.rainbowresource.com/category/11365/Beyond-the-Book-Report.html

    Hope these ideas might help;)

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