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    My son is starting 3rd grade. I am wondering if he should be doing more writing? Right now he does Print to Cursive Copywork, Rod and Staff spelling, oral narration, and My Father’s World Language lessons for today(which is mostly oral). He doesn’t really do any writing as you can see, just copywork. So he will be 9 next month and I am starting to wonder if I should have him write more? He is my oldest and I feel so new to CM that I think if I don’t do it right he won’t learn like other kids that excel with CM. He doesn’t always start a sentence with a capital letter, his spelling is phonetic but wrong. We are doing Rod and Staff spelling because he did not like Spelling Wisdom for transcription, but likes the workbook. So, should I have him do some written narration? Should I use a writing program like Brave Writer? Any advice from more experienced Moms?



    Why not use the pictures you are using or others he likes and have him write 1 and later more sentences about them. Help him to use correct capitalization and punctuation and grammar. Focus on 1 or 2 basic writing areas, when he has those down cold move on to others. Don’t focus on spelling here. Write an unknown word on a white board for hime so spelling is easy. Start with capitalizing the 1st word in a sentence and ending with a period. Move on to commas capitalizing other proper nouns and adding other end marks!? Let him write stories about Frogs or forts or dogs…as he gets more comfortable.


    CM doesn’t begin writing (written narrations) until around 4th grade generally. Before that it is copywork. One thing I’m doing this year with my 3rd grader (child #5 of 10) is using Draw Write Now books for copywork. He chooses a picture to draw on one day. The next day he has 4 short lines to copy that go with the picture.

    Also, I choose to do creative writing starting with my 1st graders BUT they narrate to me and I jot it down for them as their transcriptionist. (A la Brave Writer)My 3rd graders can start taking a turn jotting down a sentence or two if they want to, leaving most of the jotting down work to me.

    Every kid is different! I have one who loathed taking a turn jotting down a sentence in 3rd grade and even 4th grade. I have had some that were ok with a sentence in 3rd. I have two that would happily jot down a couple sentences several times in turn with me. I just meet them where they are at and remember that eventually they will take over all the writing – it just may be close to age 13.

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