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    Has anyone used WP Language Arts/Phonics for K-3?  If so, what was your experience?




    Melissa, I read on a SCM post about it awhile back. It is considered not very CMish, I think. Look up Winter Promise in the discussion forum search engine, and it should help you.



    Hi, Melissa, I purchased grades 1, 4 and6 this year, so we haven’t used them that long. First grade we just started today but did want to say that I love all the componants of it. It looks like it will be a fun year.

    The 4th grade I’m using with my 6th grade dd but only the grammar portion and it’s really fun. The child is solving mysteries while learning grammar. My dd is using only the grammar workbooks because the grammar in WP LA-6 was too difficult for her. She will come back once done with LA-4 workbooks.

    I believe they have been revamping them and making their own worksheets thus the themes. The themes make learning LA much more enjoyable. For example LA-3 is tracking down grammar with Scout. LA-4 is solving mysteries, LA-5 Scout is back to help with grammar, LA-6 has an alien them, and solve missions etc.

    My dd LA-6 has creative writing assignments, editing assignments, spelling, and vocabulary except they are called ‘missions’ =)

    A writing assignment may have the child rewrite a paragraph by finding mistakes and correcting them as well as making it more interesting.

    WP LA is not following CM, for instance with spelling in some assignments they are correcting misspelled words or have to find the correct one.

    WP is heavy on phonics. The child is learning the three sounds that the letter ‘a’ makes. I believe the child is introduced to the different sounds for all the vowels. I’m not sure how much is introduced in their LA-K.

    Sorry, I don’t really have too much to offer because we just started with WP-LA but did want to say that I’m impressed with their LA’s program.

    HTH some,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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