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    Thought I’d move this to its own thread….

    Someone asked what Active Wii games we use…

    Besides Wii Sports, we have   Wii Active Life Explorer.

    It is pretty cool – it has a big mat that hooks to the wii that the kids run and jump on.  It is with an adventure type theme, similar to “Indiana Jones”.  It gives a good workout.

    We also bought a Wii Active 2 I think it was called… meant for us to workout with.  We picked that one because it has a heart monitor… but have to admit we haven’t been too good at using that one.  (The kids game I mentioned bofore is more fun, I think…)


    We’ve had a hard time here with the Wii.  My mil “sold” it to us as a great exercise tool, but Wii Fit really doesn’t burn many calories and gets old quickly; I’ve gotten several other more “intense” workout type things but none of them use the balance board and so they are in essence just workout videos.  I have workout videos.  Don’t need expensive equipment to run a workout video!  LOL  We have enjoyed having all-family Wii Sports tennis tournaments and we all run around the room and have a great time, so it may be marginally better than OTHER video games, BUT it’s not NEARLY as good as going OUTSIDE and playing tennis or badminton.  And since we didn’t allow video games before, what they’ve replaced here is better activity.  Sigh. 

    I’ll look into the Active Life Explorer though.  Maybe we’d have fun with that.  There’s only so many times you can ski-jump on Wii Fit and have it be fun, especially when everyone gets the game “figured out” and then makes huge jumps every time.  And virtual hula-hooping isn’t nearly as much fun as REAL hoola-hooping. 


    we have a wii with many game but ou favorite is the wii fit plus.  We have family tournaments playing the obsticle course!  Hve sooo mych fun doing that.  We also see who can stay champion of the kung fu.

    I am over weight and have been doing the wii fit pluss for weightloss.  I do a kung fu,  then 6 minute ofHula hooping then ycle around the island.  Doing that for 2 months helped me drop 32 pounds!!


    Yeah, in the Active Life Explorers, the easiest game (which the 3 year old likes) is “Falling Bridge” where you have to run across a bridge as it falls behind you….

    There is stuff like trying to land a hot air balloon,  jumping so the sharks don’t bite you, running and jumping and ducking as you run on top of a runaway train trying to stop it before the end of the line, sliding down a snow run pushing with your hands, and lots more.  

    The Wii active 2 has a few games, but is mostly a workout video, except it detects roughtly how your body is positioned and displays “you” on the screen, and also has the heartrate monitor.  It also records and monitors your progress and has goal programs etc you can do.  But most of it is doing exercises…. 

    Now if they could just get me a good adult game like the kids one, have the monitoring etc


    Wii Active is the most “exercise-like” one we’ve found – we get some serious sweat going.  My legs were so sore from squats that going up and down the stairs hurt for days afterwards.  I’m sure Active 2 is the same.  We also have Wii Fit, Deca Sports, Ski & Snowboarding, Wii Sports, Sports Resort.  These are fun but I don’t consider them exercise.  It’s a lot of standing, swinging your arms and maybe moving your feet a bit.  Some of the games are more “active” than others, but overall they don’t burn a lot of calories.  After trying to use it for exercise during the hot, hot summers we (dh and I) decided that really only the Active fits the category.  The others are fun, but not challenging enough.  Life Explorers sounds good – I might check that out.


    I will second the Wii Active Life Explorer. Our family loves it. I had no idea that you could get so tired from playing a game. We have had this game for over 6 months and it is still one of the favorites. I do have to admit that I limit when our boys can play video games, so they don’t play it all of the time. Video games of any kind are prohibited before 5:00pm Monday-Friday. They are allowed anytime on Saturday once ALL chores are done. If they ask to play prior to 5:00 pm during the week, they are not allowed to play for the remainder of that day and the entire next day. They must also ask prior to playing, so I can monitor the time spent. (Unfortunately, two of my boys just don’t know when enough is enough.) We never play video games on Sunday! I know, I am so mean. Lol!



    We love Wii Sports Resort as a family.  I love to workout to Gold’s Gym Boxing (my favorite!).  I have Wii Active and it is a hard workout.  I think it is more strength training than cardio.  I’ll check into Life Explorer.


    wow,  wii active sounds like a game that would tire me out.  If the wii fit plus is tame compared to it I would never make it through a game!

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