Why did you choose SCM?

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    Why did you choose SCM as opposed to say Ambleside Online or other options?


    We’ve used a few CM curriculum options.  I think most programs are solid choices and I could add lots of Pros to each list, but I’m focusing on why we didn’t stick with these.


    • I felt the Year 1 readings were too advanced for a 6yo
    • I prefer a mix of public domain and modern books, while AO focuses more on public domain books.  Since I like physical copies of books, I think it would get pretty pricey for us!
    • I prefer combining my DC as much as possible

    Heart of Dakota

    • Too expensive, looking ahead to upper levels
    • My DC were taking too much time on the lessons
    • Art projects were too school-like for their tastes–they were more “follow the directions” than creative.
    • Not much room for adding you own materials and studies

    Why we use SCM:

    • Combining everyone for family studies and lower level science
    • Wonderful booklists, quality over quantity.
    • Flexibility of subbing in our own books and choosing our own topics each term
    • Not a huge amount of time spent on history, which isn’t a favorite subject of my DC.  SCM seems more balanced than most literature based programs.
    • Love SCM materials!  They are simple, yet effective.  Many books are used over multiple years, which makes them a good investment.  Pretty much everything is re-usable or re-printable for younger DC.

    My only complaint about SCM is that I would love more materials for the upper grades.  Hint, hint.  😉


    What HollyS said!  I love that all grades will be combined for history and geography.  I’m expecting my 4th child in a month and can’t imagine trying to keep 4 of everything going and straight without losing my mind.  😉  Thanks Sonya for keeping my hair from greying prematurely!


    4 of every subject, that is.

    Sandra Wade

    After one year of Sonlight, I knew that we needed a change.   I was able to attend Sonya’s sessions at Teach Them Diligently.  Her presentations were such an encouragement.  I found the materials produced by SCM to be exactly what I was looking for.  The team at SCM seems to have put together a well balanced curriculum.  So, what do I like about SCM?

    • Living books
    • Short but powerful lessons
    • Affordable guides
    • The CM Organizer!!!!!!
    • The blog
    • Combining all children for many of the subjects
    • Shakespeare in Three Steps

    I first switched our history from Story of the World to SCM because I was getting confused with SotW’s presentation. SCM seemed so much simpler, and I have a much better grasp of world and American history after 4 years with SCM history guides and suggested books.

    Then I bought the artist study portfolios. ? them! We would do NO artist study if it wasn’t for those portfolios! Just pull them out, hang them up, and talk a bit about them.

    This year, we’ve added the Visits to…to our geography. We sort of fell off the wagon a couple months ago, but we’re getting back in the swing of it. I like those, too, and will use more in the future.


    Holly – you nailed the concerns I had with those two programs. I’ve been scouring different programs this past week: HOD, MFW, AO etc… and nothing seems to fit as well as SCM, or be as flexible.  AO especially seemed quite honestly, a bit insane to me, lol. The workload was so heavy, and as you said, the readings way over their head. Not only that, I honestly, despise having a bunch of different literature choices on the go at one time. I don’t mind having something for science, geography, history etc… But to have 2 or 3 different literature novels going – no thanks, that would drive us up the wall 🙂  Likewise, the workload in HOD was intense, a good 10 subjects every day, and they weren’t quick things either.


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