Who else here is from Georgia & who is going on 3/29?

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    SCM is hosting an all-day seminar on 3/29, I’m planning to go as soon as I clear the expense with my husband. Is anyone else thinking about it? Or have any of you been to something like this before?



    Hi Bonniebee!

    I am planning on attending and am so excited! I have not been to a CM seminar, and actually am just converting to this philosophy. We will be in first grade soon and am looking forward to incorporating the CM method- so learning how will be great! Looking forward to that 60 page binder of notes, too! Where are you from? I will be coming from Birmingham.


    Wow, 60 page binder of notes?!? Somehow I missed that tidbit! How awesome! I’m originally from NYC, I have taught in Brooklyn, Fairfax County VA, and suburbs of GA. I have been a SAHM since 10/2003 and I’m just about to start homeschooling. We live in Marietta, GA now.

    If you would like to meet up at the seminar just email me…thefriedrichfamily at yahoo.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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