Who else has next year planned?

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    Me…but we will start our new school year after the holidays, so I’m not going totally crazy. 😉 We do a January-December school year. My dd7 will be “2nd grade” but doing AO Year 1 with some modifications. Ds 4.5 will be doing a little bit of pre-K work with me – we’re working on word building and early reading and math games and will continue that slowly and gently at his pace. My dd3 in March will run amok or endeavor to do everything her siblings do. =) More specifics on my blog here: http://snowfallacademy.blogspot.fr/p/curriculum-2013-2nd-and-pre-k.html


    Technically, I’ve got most of it done, at least for ds, who will be in 4th grade. Dd, who will be 6 in July, not so much, as I’m not sure yet if she’ll be ready for first grade work right away.

    Here’s what I have:

    Bible-continue the Bible reading plan we’re currently using. Ds can start an individual Bible study if he wants. Modules 3 & 4 for Scripture memory. Continue using Bible story book for dd, listening in with ds as desired.

    Poetry-Robert Frost for ds; Stevenson and Milne for dd (2x week for each)

    Science-choice of topics for ds; he seems to pay attention more if he has a say in what he studies; dd can either listen in or we will do a Backyard Science/World Around Me theme.

    History and Geography-ds only; finish world geography; do Mississippi Studies. We may put a Christmas around the World unit in there, too. If we do, dd can participate in that. Otherwise, I’ll wait a year to include her since ds’s curriculum will be such a mishmash.

    Math-based on 4th grade standards-working with five-digit numbers; multiplication; division; fractions; possibly decimals; possibly area, rays, angles. Dd’s math will either be end of ps kindergarten or first grade depending on where she is. Mainly adding and subtracting with calendar work, time, money, and measurement as they come up.

    Reading-continue transitioning ds into longer books for independent reading. Begin reading lessons with dd if she’s ready.

    Handwriting-ds will begin transcription. Am hoping he will want to learn cursive at this time. Will work with getting dd to write on lined paper with proper formation.

    Other language arts: Continue Ruth Heller World of Language series (one book per term)–ds. Salsa for Spanish (we’re on our second go around with ds, so he can continue until he feels he’s outgrown it)

    Literature read alouds are TBD from SCM and AO selections. I will also continue reading quality picture books to dd.


    Me – Sort of – Okay not really. How is that for confusing? We do not have all our books start in onemonth and finish in another. We also keep some things running year round with time off for babies being born (happened in January and will happen again in July). So, for example, my 6th grader has 16 lessons left in Math U See Epsilon and will begin Zeta around the beginning of April. The next2 children will move on in math around the beginning of May. Those two are using Queen’s Language Lessons for the Very Young, which we started not too long ago, so it won’t finish until June or July, then they will move up to the next level.

    One big change we are doing is beginning to use Mystery of History Vol. 1 in January. We will add in livingbooks with a book basket, pull science activities from the topics in here, writing/notebooking assignments, etc. Something simple and streamlined.

    Oldest is working through Analytical Grammar and will decide if she wants to take a break after the first season (10 weeks) or if she wants to head right into the next season.

    Pretty much everything else is done in real life/without curriculum. For example this month we’re listening to christmas hymns and Handel’s Messiah. Art happens as children want it (one of my 7 is super artistic, so she requests it the most).

    I’m pretty relaxed in it all. If we hit the 4 rs (reading, writing, arithmethic, and religion) daily I’m a happy girl.

    I have, but that is only because I don’t have to do any!  We are finished completely in August 13 and then we start new adventures, and maybe a new life somewhere else, or maybe still here but embarking on new things…we will see but it is exciting and worrisome all at the same time….good luck with all the planning ladies.  Linda


    We do January to December, too, so I think we have the plan:

    History/Geo/Bible: SCM Module 5 with resources they suggest

    Science: 106 Days of Creation Studies

    Scripture Memory/Pict. Study/ Composer Study and Poetry: SCM Module 1 with living biographies added as I can track them down.

    Handwriting: SCM copywork and dictation

    Spelling: Spelling Wisdom and Rod and Staff

    Math: Right Start for littles and Teaching Textbooks for older kids (we use 1 grade level ahead of their ‘grade’)

    French: Rosetta stone and French in 10 minutes a day for older kids (also basic vocab, songs, and memory work in the morning with little kids)

    Language Arts: Jr. Analytical Grammar and IEW for big kids, oral narrations, copywork and dictation for middles. Explode the Code and 100 Easy Lessons for my last little man learning to read :(. Oh, and lots and lots of good reading. We are adding the Lamplighter books to our list thanks to lots of recommendations here!

    I am also looking forward to the kids learning a lot about carpentry and math as we outfit a barn on our property with a big apartment!

    My Amazon list is truly scaring me now. I have got to ‘weed’ out some things, but each and every book is calling me :0). My best friend says I love planning the school year because, “When you are planning, it is all perfect!”. So true, so true…But perfect or not, I think it will be a fruitful and fun year!


    I pretty much do, but that is because I”m on my third “pass” through and all I have to do is tweak the territory already blazed by our previous passes!  LOL  I’ll only have a senior and an 8th grader next year.  Hard to believe!  I’ll be doing a bit of changing electives and foreign language for my third son, but pretty much using most of what we used with #1 and #2, and #2 will be doing the year now dubbed “junior college” at our house and all I have to do is give advice and help assess papers.  🙂 


    I partly do….  AO is working pretty well this year…. but I have to Canadianize it, and do a few other changes….  So…

    Echo (who will be 7.5 by then) will do the Year 2 that Delta is in the middle of – with any minor tweaks still needed.     RS Math (probably Level D – depending if she finishes level C this year)

    Delta (who will be basically 10… wow!)  will do Year 3 – but this is where I am trying to work out what we are doing as this is where Canadian history gets going….   I have been working on this for a while – but still working on it!    Also RS Math (probably Level D – depending if she finishes level C this year)


    Foxtrot (who will be 5 by then) – Practice Reading, probably start writing,  RS Math (probably Level B – she is over 1/2 way through Level A already)

    Golf (who will be 3 by then) – Generally getting into stuff… lol.


    I about fainted when I saw the title of this thread, lol!  Still trying to get the momentum going for THIS year!


    Oh yes, next year and the next and the year after that.  I’m a planner.  There ought to be a 12-step program for that.


    I ditto with Bookworm, with 7 children the only one I need to really work on is my upcoming 9th grader and actually I am meeting with a mom/speaker Monday who helps you line up your high school to make the most of what our state offers here for free, online free and earning college credits where it fits for the career path of that child.  So I am feeling pretty good.  A few new books for the younger ones but nothing major this year to buy!  YEPPIE!


    I just started looking at Science curriculums this past week to see if it is something I want to spend the money on.  This year we are covering whatever interests us along with a special segment on Leonardo da Vinci as we are going to a museum in two weeks that has a “machines in motion” hands on display of his inventions.  We are getting excited about that!  Or we may do 106 Days over again.  We did that a few years back and really enjoyed it.  Otherwise I was looking at AIG but that is pretty expensive for us.  Our second year of HS at the encouragement of my DH we spent money on a science program and then I didn’t like it and haven’t used it so I am extremely hesitant to spend a lot for science again until the later years.


    Math: this year we started CLP and are liking it so we will continue with that next year.  My youngest will be in Kindergarten and I will do things with him as he is able.  I don’t want to rush or push him.

    History we will do SCM Module 5. I have quite a few of the books needed already from PBS.

    My oldest daughter will be starting her own Bible study/catechism. So I will be looking for something for that as well.

    Spelling Wisdom for the older two, Jr. AG for the oldest.  EFTTC for my third child.  We are really trying to concentrate on more writing this year (to the dismay of my children). 

    Then I add in Nature Study and Geography once a week but if I don’t get to it I am doing better about not stressing over it. 

    And to round it off I bought calendars of artists and we cover one artist every term which works out great with 12 weeks in each term.  I do a little overview of whoever we are covering.  Then everyonce in a while we throw in some music/composer study and occasional poetry but I don’t stress about doing that either.

    We learn at least one hymn every month and right now the kids are learning songs and narrations for their Sunday School Christmas performance and we continue wtih those every year.


    Not so much the planning but the vision LOL! Does that count?

    Since I won’t be making any major adjustments in curriculum, it is really just about getting it down on paper.

    We will continue with:

    Math: Math on the Level for younger 5 (will be 3 years, 8 years, 11 years and 13 years old).

    For oldest in math, not sure yet, but he’ll be in 9th grade officially. Probably start him in Geometry and maybe some Algebra as well. Not quite sure yet, but may even have him in a tutorial for math and science. Our state is fairly strict. Would consider community college, but credits don’t count until 11th and 12th grades so most people don’t use those until those grades. If child goes to state 4-year college, those credits can transfer if taken in 11th or 12th grades.

    Science: Apologia Anatomy (can’t wait for this actually; may start this summer) For youngest 5, though will require more of older two.

    Apologia Physical for 9th grader *probably* Depends on the tutorial decision and what they offer. Probably will be an Apologia course though.

    Language: Copywork (from currclick) for two 8-year-olds, Continue with reading, phonics and spelling. Actually just starting spelling as a subject with them using Spelling Power. Same with next two but much more dictation and hopefully using their iPods for that (love that idea that someone on here shared!!!). Will finish Int. Language Lessons with 10-year-old sometime next year. Then may start him in a Rod & Staff book. Will finish Primary Language Lessons with 12-year-old (ELL student) and start in ILL when he finishes PLL.

    Oldest just not sure yet. I would love to find a textbook honestly and let him go. Any recs on that. He LOVES history, so if I could somehow tie it in more with what he reads on his own for pleasure (the novel study guides intrigue me. I really want him to pursue writing more. He is good at it, but doesn’t seem to feel confidence in it. Also considered BraveWrite course for him ($$$ only thing holding me back).

    History: SCM Module 6 for all of them. Will supplement for oldest DS as needed to meet state reqs. Have a lot of their assigned books per SCM guide already bought! Love used book sales, library sales, and half.com!!!

    Phew! Guess I have more ready to go than I thought when I started this post. I love the fact that this year is working fairly well, so I won’t have to make too many adjustments. With things like Math on the Level, I can adjust to their different learning styles.

    Oldest DS wants to learn Dutch, so I’m on the hunt for a program. 10YO DS is working on Mandarin, 12YO DS is fluent in Mandarin, so he is considering learning Japanese which we hear is easier for someone who speaks Mandarin as their native tongue (than say an English speaker). All of this needs to be on-line and independent for them.

    We will continue 4H classes (monthly meeting, shooting sports, speeches, etc.) and Community Bible study Friday classes.

    That is about all I know for sure! 🙂


    Me!  I’m glad I’m not the only one.  I think I’m obsessed with planning out my dc’s education, but atleast there’s support here for that problem!  

    I got MFW K for dd and plan to use it loosely.  Mainly I love the Bible, science, and book suggestions from MFW K.  I’m planning to use the MFW K Bible and Science for both dd (then 5) and ds (then 7).  Then I’ll plan to gently go at dd’s pace for reading, writing, and a living math as it comes up.  Lots of  read alouds planned for both dc.  

    For ds (2nd grade next year), I plan to do US history (I have a CLP book as a spine), adding some living books and fun activities.  I plan to continue with copywork, narration, MEP math, reading (phonics if needed), and possibly add PLL.  He started taking group keyboard lessons and seems to do well with it, so I hope to either continue these lessons or work with him on my own since I have some past piano training.   Poetry, hymns, composer study, artist study, and Spanish has been laid back this year (present and consistent but light).  I hope to continue fitting these areas into our natural day to day life.  I’d like to do more handicrafts, hands on art instruction, and nature study.  For now he’s attending classes at a local nature center about once/month and I am trying to be more intentional about pointing out details of things we casually observe in nature since we are outside quite a bit.  Maybe soon, we’ll actually use the sketch books I purchased for focused nature study.  

    Happy planning to everyone else.  I do have to keep my plans in perspective of God’s words to not brag about tomorrow, for we not what tomorrow will bring.  So instead of setting the above plan in stone, I keep in mind that tomorrow any situation could throw all these plans for a loop and I’d have to be okay with taking one day at a time.  Easier said than done I’m sure if such a situation arises.  


    I pulled these words off of a blog post by Tia and enlarged them and have them taped under my very detailed schedule:  

    “I am learning, slowly, to hold loosely to my plans and tightly to the cross.  After all, it’s the clinging that frees us, redeems us and makes us whole.”

    Need to remember that.  Thanks Tia!

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