which one? So any choices! (geography)


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    Hi all, I am not new to CM, but this will be our first year using SCM! I am SO excited and been trying to put together this years curriculum but cannot for the life of me choose between Visits, ( North America) or Early modern and Epistles.???? I have poured over the free sample downloads, and even added the book lists to my library holds and my amazon carts:) I would love some feed back if anyone cares to please share. My kids are Boys 7 and 8 who I have in mind for this ( mainly 8 year old) and then a 5 yo. daughter, 3 yo. son, 16 mon. old daughter, in the mix.

    Thank you!



    I really like Visits To… series! Last year we did Early Modern with Visits to North America subbed in for the Early Modern Geography days. It was very simple substitution.

    Visits to is a favorite of mine. For my younger ones they color the maps, the bigger kids use the preprinted country list from the back of the book instead if writing the country names.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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