Which History Period should I do next?

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    Ok. So. We started out using AO (which I have no complaints about–other than the complexity!) but I’ve switched to SCM because of the ease of it… and we’re really loving it. A lot.

    I have 4 kids; only 3 in school so far, and it was just too hard to have everyone do a seperate history and ALL THE BOOKS. So here we are. But even though I was mostly using AO, I had switched to the Delectable Education history stream a few years ago, which is a 4 year history cycle, instead of a 6 year cycle, like AO and SCM.

    When I switched to SCM halfway through this year, I chose the Early Modern book, because that’s where we were in history.  My oldest daughter will be in 7th grade next year and we haven’t done any Modern Times yet…The question I have is what to do next? Start back at Genesis? Or just go to Modern Times? I know she’ll need certain credits in high school in certain time periods and that’s why I’m stuck.

    *Technically* we should be starting over at Genesis next year, but I don’t want to miss the Modern Times. If I skip it, she’ll only have gone through it once! Help! I don’t know what to do! 🙂


    I have learned there is no “perfect” rotation because kids will start at different points and while it can be nice to do it in order, it does not have to be in a specific order.

    We have used SCM pretty much since the beginning but skipped around as we wanted to.

    Year 1 – we started with early American/World because I liked the book choices for the early years.

    Year 2 – We went back to the beginning. We did not love it as much because fewer book selections for the early years. We liked the books suggested, but wanted more options/variety for earlier grades (that was just us and now I know where to look for more ideas 🙂 )

    Year 3 – We skipped Rome and Greece and went to Ren and Reff

    Year 4 – Early American/World

    Year 5 – Modern American/World

    Year 6 – combined all the ancients into 1 year

    Year 7 – Ren. and Reff.

    Year 8 – We are doing Early American/World.

    All that to say… there is no “perfect rotation” 🙂 I also find that as my kids get older they want to branch out a bit. My oldest in 8th grade is doing a History book through Generations, but her literature reading are some of the books from Early American SCM history guide. So she is solo in history, but still tied into the family books through literature so we have fun conversations.

    Even if at some point your kids break away from the family studies they can tie into the family studies with literature or other subjects. In highschool I fully expect my kids to branch out and follow interests as well. I realized a long time ago I had to stop trying to plan to far out.

    So I say pick what you think willnwork best for your family 🙂


    This is very helpful! Thank you!


    Actually, what I think I might do is do Genesis for the Family and have my oldest do some Modern Times on her own. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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