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    We have finished a year of Early American history using MB America’s Story. I would like to switch to SCM for history next year. We have been studying Genesis and Exodus for Bible this spring. I was going to choose the first history guide because my oldest will be 7th and she could complete the 6-year cycle before she graduates. However I don’t want them to be bored learning the same topics. Is there a benefit to starting with the first book or would it be just as fine to begin with the second guide? Maybe I’m overthinking this. Help convince me one way or the other.


    You can start with any guide that works best for you. If you have more than one child they are all going to finish at different time periods so there will likely be adjusting into the Highschool years anyway.

    We started with Early American/World because that is what most interested me and the books for the early grades, 1-3rd, just looked like so much fun I wanted to read them with my oldest. I understand starting at Genesis/Deut Ancient Egypt but with multiple children I realized that there was not going to be a perfect rotation plan for all the kids, and decided to start with the one that interested me the most.


    You can start anywhere and still finish the cycle so don’t worry about that part.  The first guide is really fun! It has really great books. But if you think it’s too much repetition for right now, start with number two and end with number one.


    If you need American History for highschool credits, start so that as many kids as possible get those 2 guides in highschool:) I really like guide #1 too. It really studies the OT and puts it in context;)

    You could start with guide 2 as well…


    One great benefit of ending with Module 1 as a senior, like MissusLeata suggested, is the depth of study your student could get into. Diving into OT and really analyzing truth against ancient cultures and religions. Reading Homer rather than a retelling. Dovetailing with apologetics. A mature student could really have an amazing year of spiritual growth. Not that a young student cannot. Just that the pagan cultures are better left for a mature student, in my opinion. So much can be learned about sin and the nature of man by studying ancient history when you are a bit older. Just my two cents. I am in Module 1/2 right now with a 6th and 9th grader. We have learned so much. Sadly, we had to rush to earn the necessary credits. I wish we could have taken more time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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