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    Hi, I am new to this homeschooling and I am looking into CM homeschooling. my kids will grade 4 and 5 next school year, which level should I choose for both of them as I want o stick to one level with very little changes.

    any type of advice would work. totally confused mom


    Tamara Bell

    Hi Sahar

    Our curriculum is family-style, which means you are going to be teaching all of your children together for almost every subject. We find that this is a huge benefit in saving you time and money, since in general you don’t have to purchase separate books for each student, and you can do many of the lessons all together in one sitting.

    We’ve found that school subjects can be divided into two groups: Skill-based and topic-based subjects. Topic-based subjects can be taught as a family since there are no prerequisites. For example, history or art study. Skill-based subjects are subjects that need to build concepts up over time as the child progresses in skill, such as math. There are only three skill-based subjects: math, upper-level science, and language arts. Everything else can be taught as a family.

    We’ve designed our curriculum to be easy to customize for your family. It’s split into three parts:

    History, alongside Bible study and geography;

    Enrichment Studies, which are subjects that add a wonderful depth and variety to your home school, such as art, music, poetry, literature, and much more;

    Individual Studies, which cover the three subjects that should be taught on each student’s individual level.

    We’ve created lesson plans for each of those three parts. Those lesson plans give you a full list of the books you will need to purchase to complete the lessons, and a daily itinerary that gives you exactly what to read and accomplish for each lesson.

    To put together our curriculum for your family, choose

    one history time period,

    one Enrichment Studies volume,

    each grade level of Individual Studies that you have children in. For example, if you have a 2nd grade student and a 6th grade student, you’d need Individual Studies for Grade 2 and Individual Studies for Grade 6.  On the book list tab for each lesson plan book, you’ll find a complete list of the books you need along with links to where to purchase those books.



    Hi Sahar, welcome. SCM curriculum is so great for keeping things simple and teaching all children together. Its one of the few that continues family studies through high school (which I love). And the only one I have found simple enough to use and be able to tweak easily. I would think with your kids so close in age you could possibly combine them for skills based studies as well, if they are at roughly the same place. For example my now 9th and 11th grader could easily both work in a curriculum designed for 10th grade. Math is about the only thing they couldn’t do together. I think you could put both of your students in either 4th or 5th grade individual studies, they would be fine working from the same Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well studies. Could certainly do science and literature together. Just put them in the math appropriate for them. You could always separate them in the future if one flew ahead or needed to slow down.

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