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    OK, I know this is way off the beaten path but I need some ideas, places to buy, soup type containers with lids.  We have opened our bait shop and we need containers. We have leaches, minnows worms ect..  We were thinking styrofoam containers because they breath but if anyone has any ideas please chime in. Input of all areas will be taken into consideration. Walleye season is starting and we are wondering what to do.

        We have tried a few places like costco and e-bay. E-bay was way to high. 

                Thanks for helping!   Blessings!


    I would call a restaurant supply in your area, and ask if they carry Dart foam containers. I would assume you are looking for the rounded foam bowls with lids. (We purchase the lids separately for our preschool, but we get them at Sam’s Club–not any cheaper than Costco, I think.) If you want a 10-oz. container, ask if they have the Dart brand container 10B20 (or similar brand/size) and the lids 20JL. If you want a 12-oz. container, ask for Dart brand container 12B32 and the lids 32JL.

    There are probably other brands, but Dart is the most popular (they own Solo, the plastic cup company), so that’s most likely what the restaurant stores will carry.




    Thanks Sue!

       The problem I was coming across was that costco wanted a membership fee. by the time I payed the fee I could have bought more cups. 🙂  I figured there had to be a better deal somewhere. Our closest Sam’s club is 3 hours away though. We only have a couple of restraunts in our area but I will get to work on asking them. Maybe I can just call up Sam’s club and have them delivered?

       Thanks for giving me the brand names and container numbers. I really appriciate it.

                  Thanks again and Blessings!


    Well, Sam’s Club has a membership fee, too, but I have a friend with a family of six who uses her Costco membership to buy quite a few groceries and other things, so she figures that she gets back her membership fee in savings after a few months’ use.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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