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    I am beginning to plan for next school year and am interested in trying SCM.  I am unsure where to begin with my children.  My ds will be 10 in August (4th grade) and my dd will be 8 1/2 (3rd grade).  To date we have studied the Bible and American History.  I would like to cycle through History at least once before my children start high school and if I start with History Module 1 next year, I’m not sure how I would do that.  Also, would I use the Bible Study that corresponds to their grade?  Any advise is welcome.



    Hi mom@home.  I am new to SCM, so I will not attempt to give advice on the modules, but I just wanted to respond to you.  I think SCM should work out great for you.  From what I’ve seen and read,  I think it should be no problem following the modules with your children.  I assume you have seen their curriculum planning guide?  It seems like that would be a great help to what you are asking, helping you to plan out the years, and knowing how it will fit in.  I hope someone with more experience here will respond, but this is my input : )  God bless you!

    Sonya Shafer

    Welcome, mom@home! It looks like you would be able to go through all the history modules quite nicely. If you start with module 1 in August, the cycle might look something like this:

    Grades 4&3: Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt (module 1)

    Grades 5&4: Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece (module 2)

    Grades 6&5: Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome (module 3)

    Grades 7&6: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles (module 4)

    Grades 8&7: Early Modern & Epistles (module 5)

    Grades 9&8: Modern & Epistles (module 6)

    (Here you could either start over and do the Ancients again, or focus more in-depth on just the more recent time periods. One possibility is given below.)

    Grades 10&9: Middle Ages module again (using the more in-depth books listed for grades 10-12)

    Grades 11&10: Early Modern module again (more in-depth)

    Grades 12&11: Modern module again (more in-depth)

    Then you could take your daughter’s 12th grade year to focus on Government or Worldview or anything else that you want to emphasize again.

    The Bible studies that correspond to the modules are listed for grades 7-12, but I think you could do them together with your children when they are in grades 5 or 6. In my opinion, the most difficult one (so far) is the Romans study that goes with module 3. And when they are doing module 1, in grades 4 and 3, the commentary readings that are recommended for the family would make for great Bible study/discussion.

    I hope this helps some. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions.

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