When to start typing, and how often?


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    When is a good time to start typing instruction? At a certain age or do you all wait until he or she has started dictation and has pretty good handwriting, or does that even matter? Also how often should the student practice and for how long? My daughter is 9yo and we haven’t started dictation yet but it is coming soon. Thanks!


    My kids started typing at 8 and 9 (my younger one wanted to do it since my older one was)

    They do the free version of TypingClub 4 times/week and spend about 5 – 10 min/day practicing. They usually do 2 practice exercises.

    They don’t do any typing for school yet, just practicing. My DD (just starting 5th grade) does all her dictation and written narrations by hand but as written narrations continue to grow in length and quantity typing skill is going to come in handy. Typing is faster than writing, less tiring, so I think she will move into typing narrations, but I plan to have her hand write for dictation.


    My kids have all learned to type at age 6. My oldest 2 are big story tellers and were desperate to get their ideas on paper, but the physical act of printing/handwriting slowed them down too much, and mom isn’t always around to scribe.  So I let them learn to type.  Later the youngest wanted to learn because the older two were typing.  She is just turning 7 now and likes to do ‘copywork’ on the computer.  This is just books of her own choosing that she will copy from when the others are writing their stories.

    They spent about 10-15 minutes playing on “Typing Instructor for Kids”, probably about 2-3 days a week.  I just let them do it when they were interested, without a formal plan.  They were all fairly confident typists within 2-3 months.  They still like to play occasionally and try to improve their wpm.


    Thank you! That helps a lot!

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