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    My boys will start K and 2nd grade in July. I have never even tried to grade their assignments since we work on most things together. Is there a point when it becomes beneficial? How so? I’m curious What Would Charlotte Do 🙂 and what do you do?


    I started keeping scores on some tests for my own information when my kids were in about 6th through 8th grades, to prepare myself a little bit for high school.  And then I “grade” high school work, but I don’t really tell the kids.  I mean, they can see my logbook if they want, but we don’t really ever discuss it and never stress over it. 

    At early ages, all I cared about was “Was this your best effort?”  Then, if there were errors, we corrected them and talked about them.  I didn’t want them thinking or stressing or trying to “earn” a grade, which is really meaningless (until you are about to meet college adcoms, lol)  When we discussed tests, I’d just say if one wasn’t quite what I thought they could have done, “Was this your best effort?  What could you have done differently? “


    I have not kept grades at all. My kids are currently in 3rd and 6th grade. However, if they do not give me their best work I show them what kind of grade it would be and what it would mean. I never record it.I also make them redo their work if it is of poor quality (penmanship, misspelling of a word directly in front of them, etc)

    With my son approaching 7th grade this coming year, I do plan to start a grade boook for his work. I think he will need to see his quality of work and preparation as we begin a journey towards high school.


    I have 2 kids, year one and year three. I have never kept grades for any of their subjects. Like Bookworm, my main concern is that they give their best effort. Ds8 took his final test for MUS Beta earlier this week and missed three problems. All I did was circle them and give his paper back for him to try again. I don’t even put a 100 on papers that are completely correct. I want them to have the satisfaction of a job well done without attaching numbers to it. We live in a state that does not require grading or testing, but I feel certain I could assign a letter grade for that purpose if I ever had to. Honestly, for effort, I would give my kids an A most of the time!

    We will keep grades toward years 7-8, but I’m not worried about it until then. Best effort, correcting mistakes, and re-teaching when necessary are how I know they’re keeping up and doing well.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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