What to do with bored math student.

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    My 6th grade son has been doing Teaching Textbooks for the last three years.  He has always been good at math and is finishing up Level 7 this year. Which would put him in Pre-algebra next year. His older sister is using CLE math which they had all used to start out but after a two years of TT she asked to switch back to CLE which we did.  My 6th grader wants to switch back to CLE next year because it is .ore challenging and he is bored with the math he is using. The reason I had them switch to TT is because I did not have time in the afternoon to do all 3 kids corrections and then help them fix them in CLE because I work full time 2nd shift and leave at 2:30 every day.

    If I keep him on TT pre-algebra do you think it will be more challenging for him next year? Or should I switch and stress my self out with time constraints. I just don’t want to hold him back if he is finding TT to easy.


    This is what we do with Teaching Textbooks:

    My two sons have been using it for five years, but we find that every time they move up a level there is a lot of review – so much that they get frustrated.  Therefore, whenever they move up a level I allow them to do just the quizzes until they reach a section that they do not know, at which point they begin the full lessons.

    My 4th grader just started TT6 a few weeks ago and is already 1/3 of the way through the program because the first third was all review for him.

    Hope that helps you some with your decision.


    Great idea.  I should have thought of that as that is similar to what I am doing with his younger brother.  Thanks!

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