What to do when you finish Math Mammoth?

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    My oldest will be starting Math Mammoth’s Grade 6 this fall and the highest grade MM covers is grade 7, so I’m starting to wonder what we will transition to when we’ve finished with all Math Mammoth has to offer. We have used and enjoyed MM from the very beginning and have never used anything else. I feel like the curriculum has given my children a very good understanding of the math concepts they have covered.

    Is there anyone else who has graduated from Math Mammoth and can tell me their experience in moving on to something else?

    My understanding is that MM’s 7th grade curriculum is Pre-Algebra, so I’m wondering if anyone has moved from that right into Algebra? I’m wondering if Math U See’s Algebra course would be good to transition into.


    I would suggest Math U See or Videotext.


    I believe that once they finish pre-algebra, they can use any Algebra I course.  We are planning to try Jacob’s Algebra, as I have seen good reviews, and it can be used with CM methods.


    In another of Richele’s math posts, she tells of using Geometry along with Algebra, a few days per week for each.  So Algebra I followed by Algebra II might be MWF and Geometry on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for 3 years.  This is after the first part of Algebra I is successfully completed.  I like the idea of no break between Algebra I & Algebra II so they don’t forget what they learned while taking Geometry in between.  It is an option to consider.

    Hope to Learn


    Just wanted to make sure you saw Maria Miller’s recommendations for algebra after 7A & B, as there is a lot of helpful information there that is good for anyone looking at algebra options:


    We are half way through 6 so we are in the same boat.  Looking ahead, we are also considering Shormann Math:


    Math U See is such a different teaching style from Math Mammoth, I would think it would be a hard transition.  If you are wanting a video to go with the book, there are so many out there and you have lots of time to explore your options.  By the time you get to starting algebra there will probably be even more options.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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