What is "health"?

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    Can someone define “health” for me?  We have to teach it to meet our state requirements, but there really aren’t any guidelines.  I see that 106 days of creation studies is listed as science/health for subject.  My mind automatically goes to “reproduction” when I hear “health” because that’s what my “health” class (for one year) consisted of in high school – I suppose we probably learned about nutrition and drugs and alcohol too, but as you can see there’s only one thing I really remember “being taught”.  I’m guessing that perhaps reproduction isn’t what they have in mind for a first grader?  How do you teach “health” for 12 years?  I’m very health minded so perhaps just teaching my daughter a healthy lifestyle is enough and I’m overthinking this?  HELP!



    Not sure what they would do for 12 years either – but yes, it would include nutrition, exercise, proper hygiene (ie, germs, etc…), importance of vacinations (or if you don’t do them, why other people do…), general stuff about medicine, problems with smoking, alcohol, and of course eventually the “sex” ed, including body changes as you grow, std’s, etc.   (Obviously this list isn’t all for a first grader!) 

    Sonya Shafer

    Seems like “health” would include all that we do to take care of the bodies God has given us. Many of the good habits that we teach our children automatically would fall in this category, like brushing teeth, washing skin and hair, changing sheets, wearing clean clothes, good posture, eating nutritious food, combing hair, wearing appropriate clothing for the weather, etc. I would count that type of habit-training as “health,” especially if you talk about the why behind the habits — informally, of course. 




    What state are you in?


    In MD, where we homeschool our boys, we also have to teach health, though once they hit high school only 1/2 credit is required, and after 16 they stop doing reviews of students.

    Anyways, as we’ve always taught it, health covers things like reproduction, drugs and alcohol, nutrition, anatomy, fire safety, dental hygeine, personal hygeine, etc. 

    If you can get away with just covering it in your daily routine and documenting it then this is what I reccomend.  Our county, however, is not very pro-homeschool and our reviewer wanted us to do something a little more “formal.”  To cover that I got my hands on a copy of Abeka’s health text book and we are just reading a few pages a week aloud as a family.


    Hope that helps!!

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